The Objective

The Newark Well Being Show
16 -17 September
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

Entrance Fee £3-00

I am fortunate to have Esme Knight as a friend. She is a spectacular lady. I doubt Esme will chastise me for commenting that even though she suffers from disabilities, she has created something which has country wide appeal and international recognition. Esme is the organiser of the Nottingham Pagan Pride Event. From very humble beginnings Pagan Pride is firmly on the Nottingham Events calendar.

On Tuesday, I had an enjoyable and interesting conversation with Esme. We discussed the logistics and the attendance of the event. The Event takes a year of organising, with many agreements to be made between the council, police and other authorities. One of the most important statistics’s the organisers need to know is one of the numbers attending the event.

Esme informs me about the numbers in the procession. From my recollection, she informs me it is 752 people. I asked her how she knows this. ‘We have a camera which counts the numbers passing by at a certain point. And the recording gives us the accurate number.’  She also comments ‘There were 3500 at the Event in the Arboretum.’ If you were there, you would get a real feeling for the number of people which make up these numbers. It is a vast crowd.

Esme continues: ‘The length of time of the procession, from beginning to end is about eighteen minutes’ Again this is interesting, because from our viewpoint, the width of the road was around three meters, and the procession did indeed take about 20 minutes to pass by. This is an excellent representation of a group of 750 people. Watch the YouTube video below to get a real feel for the target number. Three months ago, I commented our goal is for 500 people to attend each event after one year. It is indeed a lot of people. This Youtube video it demonstrates the numbers involved. I now feel this is an achievable target for the coming year. Of course, we will publish the exact figures during the week following the Show.

My friend is happy to reveal another statistic: ‘We have a following of 15000 people with our internet media presence.’ This gives us another important indication of the numbers who are interested in an event; and how many people are prepared to travel to attend it. Of course, another major consideration is the legacy numbers. Obviously, these are individuals who return year after year. And the event has a robust and unique presence from those who have Pagan ideals.

I now appeal to all of you who are community members who read this ‘News’ to share it with at least ‘six’ people and ask them to share it in turn. The ‘share’ will take no more than four minutes and the potential to encourage visitors is worth the effort. And for those of you who are ‘Friends’ of OUR events, you can help our community by sharing this post to six people. The video below gives a real feel to our Show.

Why not make a few clicks, tap your fingers on the screen, do something for your friends?

Every time you help another individual you help yourself and your Well Being.

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