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Gill Moore
Gill Moore

Today we will revisit one of our therapists Gill Moore.

Gill has been a member of The Community for over two years. First attending the Nottingham Trowell Show and earlier in the year Lincoln. Gill enjoys an excellent following of loyal clients. I do not think she would mind if the word ‘traditional’ enters into this essay because Gill follows many of the traditional and well-respected teachings of healing masters.

Our visitors may not realise, Gill is an accomplished Spiritual Medium. Spiritual Awareness is very much part of her work. There is a special empathetic connection between a healer and client. Spiritual healing involves a subtle exchange of energy, anyone who meets Gill, feels there is ‘something’ special which surrounds her presence.

Is it her patience as she listens carefully to her client explanations? Or is it the gentle and soothing voice which reveals her thoughts on the different ways she can help? Both are, of course, initial observations. There is a ‘special’ feeling which comes from being in the presence of a healer. An indicator is a real calm which returns to troubled souls. Gill has the ability help people return to wellness.

Many healers suspect when the body is unwell, the discord begins a long time before symptoms appear. Most healers talk of subtle and vibrational energies within our being. There is an almost universal acknowledge the presence of the Aura in metaphysical groups. It is interesting to this writer the words, subtle, gentle and calm are used when describing the effects of alternative healing.  The word ‘continuous’ is another which is in need of consideration. The process of healing is gentle and continuous. When we receive ‘healing’, we must remember, its subtle energies are gentle and continuous. Therefore the actual process is slow and subtle.

Gill works with gentle and subtle vibrational energy (force is too strong an association) to settle imbalances of the energy fields of the being. Her early training, years of practice have achieved many fine results. People return to see her time and again, if there is ever the need for a testimonial, this is the greatest of all.

This special lady has a treasure trove of love in her heart and generously gives without question. I cannot recall one time she has spoken a negative comment toward others. She knows there is good and bad in all of us, and she accepts the journey of life can be difficult. We must conclude, the flame of her spirit is bright and enlightened. Surely this is why Gill is a well-respected healer?

There is an aspect of healing rarely mentioned. However, we should consider the idea that we are drawn to those who can help when problems arise. Gill will be the first to guide people to sit and talk to a few healers before making a choice. Indeed, there will be times when a healer will guide a potential client to another way to find help. To apply this precept is an indication of an excellent Spiritual Healer, Gill will always help her clients in the best possible way and will guide them in the best direction.

We get to know The Community, and therefore when an essay is written, it is often done without the individual Community Members knowledge. This is important because there can be no bias and the sentiments if written from the heart the article will grow from a fertile soil of truth. If the essay is similar to the last one, then the writer is not writing from the heart. Our words must come from the heart when we write about people we meet. When we write from the imagination or creative intelligence the words will be eloquent and false. Creativity has its place in fiction. This acknowledgement of Gill Moore’s work is to encourage visitors to talk to her, and there is no bias, each of our healing community are exceptional human beings.

In an earlier paragraph, the reflection concluded there are people we are drawn to and others who do not resonate as much. I suggest trying a few different taster sessions, and enjoying a mix of treatments and therapies. Another would rigorously oppose my suggestion; this is the way of spiritual attainment, it is full of confusions and differing ideas. However, we could consider an acceptance of others ideas, beliefs and convictions are a sign of accomplishment. I have no doubt Gill Moore understands and uses this wisdom every moment of her life.

One last comment for our visitors: –

The therapists within our community have an incredible determination to help and assist humankind. Imagine the dedication and commitment involved in gaining recognised qualifications. Many of our Therapists have to work to support the path of Alternative Healing. I find it majestic that these incredible people, follow a path which is often ridiculed and dismissed, because of a determination to continue using ancient and established healing techniques. Do not dismiss, for example, The Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, and Indian Head massage practitioners. Their work has long term beneficial effects. Not one will claim miracles or instant cure. Every one talks of complementary and never decries the advances of conventional medicine.

When our healers and therapists attend our shows, consider they follow their path because there is a belief in their work. When visitors enjoys or benefits from their treatment or therapy, I ask them to acknowledge the fact they are in the presence of a soul who cares about the Well Being of their client. Please remember this when they ask for the small fee to cover their costs and continue with their work.

Mant thanks to Gill Moore for all her consistent contribution to OUR community.

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