Events Update

Newark Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

16 – 17 September 2017

Cedric Ford Pavilion
Cedric Ford Pavilion

This is the last post before The Newark Well Being Event where I comment on the progress of our Show and Community. From Monday until Friday the focus will be on Community Profiles and the event itself.

Liz and I express thanks and gratitude to all of you who have consistently share and like our FaceBook posts. Over the last four months, the site has increased its following by 470 people, and it grows daily. The target is 3000 by the end of 2018. We consider FaceBook as an integral part of our promotional endeavours. LizianEvents is preparing to take the challenge of integrating our Community with a greater internet presence. The internet is in constant evolution, our choice to work on this ‘Events News’ and our website for many hours a day is paying dividends. However, we must acknowledge your contribution to the growing success and strength of OUR media presence.

October will see the first of three changes to this ‘LizianEvents News’. As already stated the ‘Events Forum’ Page will be activated. I expect a slow start, although it should take momentum as the month’s pass. We have received comments that ‘forums’ have had their day. The clear indication is: forums do not work for individuals. There have to be many threads on the forum to work. There is every indication we have sufficient interest to open up the forum, and there will be many ‘threads’ to it. Of course, the success is solely dependant on the visitors to the site. I see our statistics growing weekly; the effort involved in this project is worth setting up the page.

There are two additional changes to be added to this LizianEvents News. One is the ‘Theme’ and the second is another page. These changes will dovetail into the Forum, and I feel many people will take advantage of the opportunities arising from the additions. You will have to wait for a few weeks yet before the announcements. Stay with us; there are exciting developments ahead.

During the week I had an interesting hour long conversation with a community member. During the conversation, the subjects of ‘Talk schedules’ and ‘WorkShops’ were discussed. I mentioned there would be changes to this aspect of our shows. The conversation sealed the changes Liz, and I had discussed over the last few weeks. We do listen to our community and visitors, the consensus is ‘more talks’, and therefore your wish has become our command. Initially, Liz and I chose to have a limited talk schedule. At Lincoln 2017 and all subsequent shows, the talk schedule will be increased.

We already have two excellent ‘WorkShops’ – Simon Goodfellow’s Spiritual Awareness – and Carol Wallace’s Crystal Workshop. We need two more for the events. I intend to produce video promotions for our community member workshops. There will be a separate page dedicated to the WorkShops on our website. If you have interest in running a WorkShop at OUR shows, contact me at I can offer all four WorkShop tutors wide ranging promotion for 2018. Video, web page, WorkShop Profile and a unique forum thread. Remember there is no charge to any LizianEvents Community Member for these promotions.

There seems to be some confusion about ‘Children attending the Shows’. In truth, I feel there is mischief afoot. We have three emails from potential VISITORS who have expressed concern that we do not allow children to attend our events. Their information seems to arise from a deliberate attempt to ‘distort’ the facts. Children are welcome at our Shows. Although, we do not provide entertainment for our little visitors. The confusion stems from the policy we do not allow Community Members to be accompanied by their children. While commenting on this, I should mention we received the greatest amount of emails from our Community Members in support of this policy. To clarify: –

Visitors children are welcome (under 16 years of age entrance is free).
Community Members are not allowed to have children at their stall.

If you listen to anyone who states otherwise, they are incorrect. It is possible they are mischievous, be careful. The focus of LizianEvents is firmly on the purpose to our Show’s. The Purpose is to give our Community the best possible promotion of their work. And it is felt by a majority of our Community, our services, products, and treatments have an element of responsible choice to be taken by their clients and customers. We consider our purpose is of a ‘grown-up’ nature and this is the reason for the policy.

We have no intention of changing the ‘first come – first stand policy’ for our Community. There is a maximum number of Community members at each Show. The quota may not always be filled, as we will not have excessive numbers of each genre of product, therapy or readers. When we publish Community numbers, this relates to individual community members. We do not claim total table numbers at an event as in truth this is misleading. In the same vein, we will not publish incorrect attendance figures. The visitor MUST have accurate information and statistic’s available. Visitors are not fools, and we intend to demonstrate total integrity at all times. The essence will flow through OUR Well Being Shows, and they will prosper because of the Ethos.

Two final points. Visitors to all Well Being Show’s will find our Community Members are never placed in the same ‘spot’ at each event. Have a walk around the venue and ‘feel’ the atmosphere all changes have an effect, and change is a positive attribute to embellish. The music we use as background music from various sources and the track order is‘shuffled’. Therefore, it is impossible to give you accurate titles and composers of the background music played at our events.

Liz and I will work tirelessly to promote our events, the object is to provide a superb and prestigious experience for our Visitors. It is early days, but you can be certain, we have many new ideas which will come to fruition over the next sixteen months. We are looking forward to the addition of the ‘Conference’ format during the 2018 Lincoln Shows. The changes to the ‘LizianEvent News’ theme and the production of many new videos are three examples of beneficial changes to advantage our community. There is something extraordinary indeed evolving, and this is due to the quality of our Community and the support of our Visitors.

Many Thanks to you all

See You at ‘Newark Well Being Show’

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