First The Darkness

I received compelling information this morning that individuals spread rumours the Newark Show had been cancelled. If this is accurate: The damage was to the Community not to LizianEvents. There will always be misguided individuals who feel threatened by change. My comment is this ‘I have no question if this is accurate, the children who do this are not helping those they are attempting to support.’ It is of little use, continuing to talk about our children policy etc, in the hope it will effect LizianEvents. I doubt other organisers care more than a fig for what we do and there is no doubt in my mind another organiser would not make these comments. Individuals cannot and will not affect the progress of our endeavours.

Number of Visitors:

The show was attended by 184 visitors on Saturday and 171 on Sunday a total of 355 people. Our target was double this figure. This target figure was based on FACTUAL attendance figures supplied by the previous organisers. The Newark Show rarely achieved figures of 1000 attendees in total. I have no interest in those of you who believe me to be lying about the historical numbers. I am acutely aware of ALL previous attendance figures. If you are in dispute of this statement, don’t hide behind a veil, speak to me and make yourself public. And if you wish me to hit with hard and truthful historical attendance figures I will do so. One thing the reader can be confident of, LizianEvents will always publish correct attendance figures.

My projection came well below expectations:

On Sunday Liz and I distributed a circular to all of the Community. The content of the circular demonstrated we would not shirk the responsibility toward our Community. I walked the floor most of the weekend and watched and listened. Here are my clear replies to inaccurate rumours and direct questions. It seems to me a rumour becomes worthless if there is strength to talk through the concerns.

I will answer the most important points:

We did not advertise in newspapers. To place an advertisement at £330 per insertion seems to be madness in a time when people no longer buy local papers. The figures do not add up. I suggest you read our original thoughts on this subject in an early post and you will see a clear indication of our thoughts in the essay. It pays to read the ‘Events News’ because the evidence of our intent is within the posts.

There are clear reasons we do not use A.A road signs. We will not utilise A.A roads signs.

We most certainly did have banners approaching the venue. Keith suggested we used different and more vibrant colours. The new banners were ordered today. Thank You, Keith.

For the first time, the main A46 A frame owned by the show-ground displayed the event for six weeks.

We distributed over 6000 A6 flyers.

We posted out 1000 direct mail postcards.

The intensive social media totalled 50000+ (Yes 50K) FaceBook reach which was both Paid and Organic.

39% of our community shared the posts.

Liz personally visited many local businesses with flyers.

The question of our media accessibility was challenged so this MUST be addressed:

Our website and WordPress site are FULLY compliant and accessible on – phone, tablet and desktop. I attend the WordPress group at Hallam University, the lessons learned about W.P at this group are definitive. There are NO glitches in this WordPress site. It is Akismet protected; spam is not a problem. By the way, WordPress has a 28% dominance of the internet; it would not be trusted by 100’s of world status businesses. The SiteJam Platform ( is also FULLY compliant. We chose to keep our platforms simple and relatively image free. It is ‘proven’ lightning speed, and clear visibility is preferable to image heavy and dramatic sites. The ‘disability’ protocols are fully acknowledged.  By the way: our Lion Emblem signifies strength and courage, something which is necessary when significant changes are being made.

So What happened? 

My conclusion is: legacy and timescale have to be primary considerations. You can be sure of one thing; we will double the effort to make our shows a success. And we will be relentless in our pursuit of achieving the goal of being the best Community Driven event in the country. I am not writing the ‘Best Show or Event’ you can keep that idea, the intent is to be the best ‘Community Driven’ events. Incidentally, we are not a family; families tend to argue. We are a Community and Communities work to a common goal. I keep extensive records and screenshots of all and everything concerned about our business. I’m proud our Communities endeavours enable the significant changes to work. The call to form a Community, the following of our principal ideas, the support of the Lizian News which is truly A FIRST. These are factually lamplighter actions, all who follow and copy our work, promote US and all who disparage and demean our work strengthen us. And I thank you for embellishing the process.

However, if we are to form a Community, the goal has to be defined. Not only this, there needs to be a guideline of rules to work to, and sometimes rigorous enforcement has to be followed. This weekend we sadly said permeant good-bye’s to two exhibitors (note: I do not use the word community). This comment provides an opportunity to remind the Community about our rules on incense sticks. We do not allow them to be burned at our Shows. I received a complaint about incense sticks being burned; please abide by our rules. I do not wish to cause conflict; please respect the guidelines.

I remind you we worked as stall holders for nearly two decades. Gossip and mischievous banter have always been part of the equation. Allow me to suggest the best events we attended were ruined by the organiser being unable to deal with the damage caused by inaccurate or false information. Liz and I will never allow this to occur. Nearly two decades of experience allows me to comment on another source of damage: I call it ‘wandering’. When shows were ‘slow’ I never left my table, the reason being, I paid plenty of money for my table, and there was no way I would miss an opportunity to meet a new client. Even if the event is slow, dig deep into your ‘Being’ and stick it out. Keep a smile on your face and show the world how professional you are. You see, after years of attending shows, the problem for me is, when visitors see the empty stall, the empty stall says ‘I’m not focused, I have given up.’ Do not underestimate this observation. Learn from the Community members who never leave their stall, they are the ones who cover their overheads, make a profit and embellish the Community idea.

The above is the boring part – my comments demonstrate I refuse to ignore issues which require explanation.

Now the most important comments:

Liz, Sue, Alex and myself spoke to many of the visitors. Without exception, everyone loved what the Community has created. There may have been fewer visitors than desired. However, the appreciation for the work and efforts of our Community could not be questioned. Time after time, statements were: –

‘Thank-you, I’ll see you at Lincoln’

‘I’ve had a fantastic day’

‘I’ll certainly return’

And the very best ‘You have an incredible mix of people here’

Liz and I put together a Show. It is the Community who produced these comments: The Community is the source of the appreciation, not LizianEvents the organisers, the Community is the Show. We never doubt it, not for one second.

Under severe conditions, the Community has left deep and long-lasting memories with every visitor. You can be sure of this, the memory of your achievements is a monumental stepping stone on our journey. I spoke to Erick Henderson, a man I respect and admire. I asked him for his opinion ‘I think the turnout is expected. Give it another two shows, and it will be an excellent event.’ High praise from the master. Thank you, Erick, your words healed a few wounds on Saturday morning.

I will leave this post at this marker and finish my appraisal of the Communities first Newark Well Being Show tomorrow.

Ian Timothy



  1. Wow surprised to read your comments I have only heard how good it was. Don’t forget the last shows run by the previous organisers were a shambles I personally visited these and was totally thrown by what I experienced they were a total let down wasn’t a day or even half a day out more like a food hall. The few stall holders there said it all on their faces the atmosphere was dire so from that you can only go up and it will take time for the news to spread and the public footfall to show that things are different now onwards and upwards I wish you all well sending positive vibes to all xx

  2. I think Mr. Henderson is right – it’s just a matter of letting people know what’s going on. Quite a few people asked where you and Liz were, I directed them to the advertisements, they said they would be interested in attending…it will grow and you have a solid base of support which is important. Interesting post.

  3. Hi the Rumor Wagon is always about. Things take time i always told new Readers it takes time for people to get used to change and new faces there will always be moans and rumors and sometimes what ever we give is not enough for some Exhibitors .. I found been a Organizer was one of the hardest jobs and i did it for ten years.. Was lovely watching the recordings of people speaking they had enjoyed there day to be honest happy customers is the best thing ever gives you the lift to carry on with a positive energy.

    Wishing you Ian and Liz much positive energy with your Shows 🙂

    Much love from Jewel-Marie.

  4. ok, so it was a little quite compared to YOUR targets .. but the visitors that did come loved it and had a great day ..or 2 .. the energy and the “light” in the hall was noticed by all .. we had great feed back as well.. esp about the cafe being in the hall not in the cold marque .. and how lovely it was to see so many “new” members and how helpful everyone was .. personally we had a great show and lots of fun.. (sorry about so much laughter Simon thankfully you know how daft Campbell is ! )
    It was great to see new faces as well as visitors returning after a few years ..
    I am sure by show 3 it will be flying and us members will be moaning about not even having time to pee ! ..
    I think the show went well considering the history you guys had taken on .. as to the rumors some people have such sad lives .. but the shows and community will learn and grow . .
    all I can say a huge THANK YOU to you and LIz for an enjoyable weekend and now looking forward to LIncoln
    lots of love
    Carol Wallace
    Crystal Carols

  5. I only have praise for Lizianevents and community. The atmosphere was wonderful and the whole room felt great to be in. Like the good old days. Next year, when we’ve had more time to spread the word, there will be a line of people at the door at 10am. The arrangement and selection of exhibitors was extremely well thought out and was very inviting. Although I will not be exhibiting at shows anymore I will do whatever I can to help these events flourish as I have a great love for them, my other community members and the organisers. Here’s to a cracking 2018 xxx

  6. As I am constantly being told don’t be so hard on yourself. Personally speaking as someone who has never been to Newark in any capacity before I throughly enjoyed the weekend. Had some lovely comments about my stall. A great response from someone I had met previously at Trowell. I had the chance to wonder around while my lovely partner Paul maned the stall and you had wonderful stalls some of which I have seen before and some I hadn’t. I even had lovely comments about how great Paul was at describing my products. Which made us all laugh no end as I quipped see men do listen. I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy it for the success it was and as I know you will build on it more and more each time it is what you do. And the kind of people you are. Thank you

  7. Kind comments Sandi – We are not hard on ourselves. It is so important for us to address every comment and aspect of our work. Everything we do is driven toward the goal of supporting the community and giving them every opportunity to thrive. If we demonstrate absolute transparency, we succeed. The way forward is openness and clarity. I know how much you support us and care for our Community. I never take anything. Personally, we work to a common purpose of success. Many thanks, Sandi and for taking the time to make a contribution to the post. Ian x

  8. I don’t feel there is much to say only ‘The Pheoniex Is Rising From The Ashes!’ I know the effort Liz & Ian put into this show and together we will be back! NEXT…

  9. I really enjoyed the show at Newark this weekend. Would have stayed longer, however, I had a family celebration in the early evening and guests arriving at 2pm. It was pleasing to see that the Cedric Ford Pavillion had had a make over, making the room appear lighter and larger. I managed to have a reading and get around all of the stalls and was delighted to see the return of familiar faces from previous shows. The only area of concern was an issue that you have already addressed for forthcoming shows – the colour of the banners – they were quite hard to spot. The yellow background of the BSSK signs were unmissable, and the A4 signs around the lamposts leading up to the event were real eyecatchers. Whenever I meet people who were regular attenders at those events, I’ve been telling them how great the Lizian shows are and how they deserve support, at the same time handing out your postcards with the show dates on them. It make take a few more shows to get the numbers up to where you would ideally like them to be. There are people working hard on your behalf and I for one am wishing you and your events every success!

    • Carole – Wow, great uplifting comment. There is little more I can add and as you know we will address and change as many negatives to positives. It will take time, but with the support of kind people, we will succeed in our objectives. Many thanks for your words and taking your valuable time to write your accurate appraisal. Ian

  10. I can only say how awesome the weekend was, the naysayers must be feel really threatened if they stoop to such childish tactics. I think everything that could be done was done in regard to the organisers, The platform is provided the guidance issued the support assured, some people now need to ask themselves searching questions and ask if they are ready to make the step up. I for one am delighted to be involved in a nurturing structured environment and love the community ethos, I hope to be part of this group for many events to come.

    • Thank You, Rick, You know the outcome can only mean our Community will grow and strengthen. My opinion of those who wish to make negative comments of our Ethos is ‘I do not have one.’ We have our ways, our ground rules, and purpose. There is no lip service to others and what others feel, believe, or choose to do. Many people are coming back to us, and many know what lays behind our work. And by OUR I write of the community. You see the point is this: For every negative detractor, there will be one or more real beneficiary or supporter. We will all continue to follow our purpose which is to build the Community with integrity and transparency. A woman once said to me ‘You’ll never know what spiritual is as long as you live.’ She is right, but I know what honesty, facing issues head-on, and making difficult decisions is part of living a life where we become respected by the majority who know us. The poor minded are of little importance. Maybe these ideas are part of a higher way of life? Thanks for your comment Rick – Ian

  11. Steven and I enjoyed the weekend and it had a “fell good factor”. I love the Newark venue and especially now the Food Hall has come inside the building instead of the breezy marquee, this helps both exhibitors and visitors to keep connected. With any new venture, it takes time for the snowball effect. Steven and I are looking forward to the Lincoln event. Well done Liz and Ian.

    • Thank You, Trudy, As you can see, we seem to have an excellent number of supporters. Including yourself and Steven of course! Yes, I believe you are correct it will take a little time for the Shows to snowball and I’m sure many people see the slow start as an investment into the future. We certainly see our time and determination to promote the shows as an investment to the future of the Community. I know you and Steven our stalwart supporters of our events and we thank you for all of your efforts to promote and give testimony to the events. By the way: Liz had substantial and long-term pain relief after a pain2go session with Steven. Thank You, again Ian.

  12. Have no fear, have no worries, all will be well and a return to packed halls is on its way. Perseverance and tenacity will see it through.
    Bright Blessings 🙏 🙏 🙏

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