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Inner Strength
Inner Strength

On the 11th April, Liz Clark made this Announcement – I suggest it is reread it because it was made only five months ago. If the reader takes the time to read this – link – there is some significant information to be read. Of equal importance is the date. It is the first LizianEvents News. Five months and two weeks old. During the five months, the news has never missed a day. 155 posts will become 500+ in a years time. Of course, it is inevitable the ‘EventsNews’ will become an incredible archive. And we can use it as public record as to initial intent and later we’ll know of the realisation of objectives.

Yesterday’s post will be a landmark moment. The response is nothing short of spectacular. The Events News will have a controversial essay published tomorrow, and I have chosen, for the time being, to make the writer anonymous. It is an interesting and compelling resume of a Community Members thoughts about the Newark Show.

As you can see from comments on the ‘News’ the support is immense and consistent. You will not be surprised to learn the emails of support flowed through our email boxes over the last 48hrs. The most surprising revelation is this: of the 14 new and unique enquires received seven mentioned yesterdays post in their enquires. And confirmation of bookings has enabled me to open the Lincoln Event Exhibitor Community Page – LINK – 48 Community Member booked and 10 NEW Community members will be added to this list when booking forms are received. With seven spaces left it is probably Lincoln Well Being Event will be a full house of 65 exhibitors.

The e-mails from visitors are many; all are positive. Not one has criticised their experience of the visit. What can we assess from this information?

The most important realisation is the visitors who came to the event ‘Loved it’, and if they loved the event, the principal reason is the Community. If there is evidence to the quality of the show, it has to be with the visitors. They are the un-bias judges, and they have spoken. The question is what have Liz, and I learned from this assessment?

The first observation is the quality of the Community is first class and a superb and balanced blend of genres who will make our shows a brilliant visitor experience. Of course, there is a few old school who will dogmatically stick to old conventions. There is nothing the majority can do to change the ideas of those who can only see nostalgia as tops and change as foolish. It is fair to say many will take any chance with any event: and visa-versa. Here I am writing of the oversubscribed and under attended events and have just organised this very beast!

Or did we? No, I do not believe we did, I know we hosted and helped put together a fantastic show. I feel all who stay with us will reap the benefits of OUR unified purpose. Yes, I know for certain there was some skulduggery, and I repeat there is no implication that other businesses were part of the problem. For many months I have read of a concerted effort to damage our reputation and Ethos. I am not concerned in any way of those who think they can damage our effort with the use of lies. The time will come when our success will consume them, and far from assisting those they seek to protect, they will ultimately cause self-harm. This will be the last time this situation will be considered; I have no concern for idiots.

Today the evolution continues: Testing and retesting the Forum is part of the changes. Working through emails and testimonials. Setting the timeline on three video productions. The decision to increase the number of talks at Lincoln, something which I consider a significant change to our original blueprint. I have many new Community Profiles to edit and produce. There are articles and many essays to tidy for posting on this page. It is not hard work, it is reasonably time-consuming, and my life hours are valuable. There would be no way I would waste one second with a project or objective in which I had no faith. Liz and I have absolute confidence in the Community, and it is humbling to read and listen to those who have confidence in our endeavours. I repeat the evolution continues, and it will continue, not until an object is fulfilled: the evolution is perpetual. There will always be another idea to test, a new Member of the Community to welcome, and sadly the parting of waves.

The reader should understand the message: We will continue to work to produce the best Community Driven Shows any visitor can attend. And our Community is the life, soul, and spirit of the shows.

See You Soon


  1. Wow if that’s not dedicated commitment spirit has obviously got your back onwards and upwards we are lucky to have such loving caring people that truly want to give to others that feel the importance of doing a job well serves all love and light cx

    • Thank You, Shirley, – It amazing the support we have received. We will continue to promote and support our Community. And so long as we have people like yourself, who will read and comment on our endeavors the community will thrive. Many Thanks – Ian

    • Shirley, I need to add a few more words as I feel humbled and uplifted by your comments. As you know, we will always correct anything we feel needs to be addressed. Tomorrow’s post is a hard-hitting and controversial appraisal from a member of the community. It will make interesting reading. Many Thanks for your comments. Comments are what make the ‘Events News’ thrive. Ian

  2. Reading this fills me with lots of strength and determination, I see an opportunity to get on with something at ground level, as a novice I look forward to developing and learning from somebody who is passionate and compassionate with the product that they put out. Put simply Thank you I appreciate everything that has been done to enable me improve my craft, As you said to me the sword is being sharpened.

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