Suzanne Potts – Exhibitor Profile

Today we welcome Suzanne Potts into our Visitors and Community. We will find Suzanne to be an asset to our ‘Reader’ community. She is clearly dedicated to her work and future success. Here is Suzanne’s introduction to herself and her work.


Like many of us, I was blessed by spirit during my childhood. Lucid dreams (where the dreamer is aware of the dream), visions and premonitions were, and still are, very much part of my life. Some years ago when attending a ghost hunt, I discovered my ability to communicate with spirit.

Soon after this experience, I decided to take my work further and develop my skills. I feel it is important to test your ability. The best way to do this through training. A good mentor will always guide the pupil through each lesson. While attending student spirit fairs, my learning was fine-tuned. It would not be long before the confidence to ‘branch out’ was gained. Spreading the spiritual word and helping people to find answers from their loved ones in spirit would become my purpose to life.

Where spiritual awareness is concerned the vibrational energies are subtle, so we have to refine our connections. I chose to specialise in Mediumship and Tarot readings, no doubt a traditional and time-tested pairing. The ability to sense or read the history of an object through touch is known as Psychometry which perfectly complements my work.

Spirit drives me with a passion, and I am thankful for this motivation. The quest to help people is of epic proportions. I desire to help as many people as possible.  It is impossible to explain the feeling of fulfilment when my clients acknowledge the guidance given during a reading. The ‘buzz’ I receive when using my gift to connect people to their loved one is extraordinary. Although, I admit to an inner smile when a sceptic receives a unique message and becomes a believer. My work is an amazing confirmation of the existence of spirit.

My readings are precise, to the point and direct. I feel this is why many people who return for follow-up readings. Of course, the feedback received is the real evidence of my ability. However, the finest accolade is when a new client sits with me because of a recommendation.

There are three ways you can work with me: – A one to one reading, at house parties or M.B.S fairs or through Psychic Diamond, a telephone reading company. You will be able to book me at LizianEvents Nottingham Trowell in 2018. I look forward to meeting you, if there is anything you wish to ask me or there is a question you feel should be directed to spirit, I am here to help.


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