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Today we welcome Kirsty Celik to our community. I have known Kirsty for some years and always found her to be a kind and charming lady. Before writing an introduction, the author will make a few notes and review them as he writes. As I look at my notes, I see two words written three times ‘Always Smiling’. These two words reveal all there is to know about this wonderful lady. I asked Kirsty for five hundred words for her ‘Community Profile’, and I received one hundred and thirty-eight words. What does this say about Kirsty?

Her short introduction demonstrates confidence, the straightforward approach to her description demonstrates clarity. Straightforward and clear what other words could be more appropriate for this wonderful lady? No wonder she has such an incredible following and reputation. Here is Kirsty’s introduction: –

I am an International Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant & Reiki Master Teacher.  I work with my guides, guardians & angels, to bring through messages, guidance & comfort from loved ones in the spirit world.

Sometimes, even though ‘we know’ we still seek confirmation & reassurance, so working from the heart, I connect with loved ones to help do just that!

With years of experience, I am focused on providing accurate personal readings with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, hopefully exceeding your expectations. I work in the light and from the heart, to bring through friends, family and loved ones with personal details known only to you. While I am sympathetic and empathic, I also pride myself on ‘telling it like it is’ but with a little bit of humour and laughter along the way.

You’ll feel drawn to me for a reason!


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