Nottingham – Trowell WellBeing Show – More Information

The Nottingham – Trowell WellBeing Show
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

10:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday 21 – 22 October

This small venue has become an firm favourite with visitors and Community Members. This weekend’s event has a full house; thirty-two exhibitors in total. The Community consists of an excellent blend of retailers, therapists and psychic readers.

List Of Exhibitors and Talks

‘Fantastic atmosphere’ ‘Unique event’ ‘Excellent exhibitors’ ‘So friendly’ ‘Did not want to leave’ These are the comments listed to through of the weekend. Everyone should be proud of the fact this little venue has achieved an almost ‘cult’ following. There has to be a reason visitors have from Doncaster, Leeds, Skegness, Grantham, Leicester and Chester. There is one answer ‘The Community’. Last week I spoke to a visitors who attended the Newark Show she said ‘The best and most balanced group of exhibitors I seen for years.’ It is a great feeling when someone makes such a compelling unsolicited and gracious testimonial.

The Nottingham Trowell WellBeing Show followed the same idea as the original Market Rasen Show. The principal is for excellent organisation, incredible Community support and preference toward new Community Members attending. The difficulty is most enjoy the atmosphere so much they do not want to leave the event. Nottingham – Trowell is almost fully booked for 2018.

Why do we call it Nottingham – Trowell? The cynic believes we are attempting to make the venue have more prestige. They may think ‘Village Hall’ not ‘LincolnShire Show Ground’ they are attempting to make the show something it is not. Let’s shoot them down. The reason we called the event Nottingham – Trowell is because we initially considered the venue as a stepping stone to a greater and more significant site. We feel it was essential to have the name Nottingham any promotion. Those who believe the show is an amateur dramatic production, best think again. It is a brilliant gathering of experienced and well know community members combined with many new and shining stars.

It is a brilliant experience, and there are many established Community members waiting to attend. We have Crystal Carol Wallace who has 20+ years in her chosen field. Mel Jones, one of the largest vendors of silver jewellery. Annie Webster, book retailer. Forever Living Products. Jurga Proudlove with doTerra oils. This is only a top of my head selection of Community Members who decide travelling to Nottingham Trowell is an excellent choice.

If you like our type of event, do not be put off by any preconceived ideas. Nottingham – Trowell is a brilliant day’s enjoyment. Even better is the entry fee is one pound on the door or entry by free ticket. You can obtain a ticket via our website – the contact page on the ‘News’ – EventBright – or maybe you’ll have one of the hundreds we give away each month.

Do not think you are going to a small event with indifferent or unknown exhibitors. You will be attending a small, well-organised show where you can meet and interact with 30+ fantastic members of our Community.

See You There

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