The Nottingham – Trowell WellBeing Show – Update

Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

10:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday 21 – 22 October

Take Time To Enjoy The Show

With 30+ Community Members exhibiting at this show there is enough to interest all visitors. The selection of talks is varied twelve presenters anything from mediumistic demonstrations to information on dowsing and crystals. These short lectures should not be missed; there is sure to be something to be learned at each one.

I would recommend trying more than one therapy. There are people who suggest one or two therapy sessions is enough. Most therapists have low-cost taster sessions, for the visitor to use to their advantage. I have enjoyed Reiki, Indian head massage, reflexology and aromatherapy in one day and felt chilled for a week afterwards. Too many sessions? The more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned, and why not? Anything which can make our bodies more comfortable must be beneficial.

And what about psychic, mediumistic, psychometric, Akashic, Tarot readings? Some people enjoy more than one reading. I have a friend who adores Tarot and mediumistic sessions; he enjoys comparing the information and predictions. I should comment the accuracy of readers is very impressive indeed. There is a difference between the methods and systems our readers use, and each visitor will do well to talk to ALL of our reader Community before making up their mind. These days, like their healer colleagues many readers give short ‘taster’ readings, and this is an excellent way of getting an insight into what to expect. What about the sceptic’s opinions? My feeling is they are welcome to their views. One thing for sure, our visitors who enjoy readings are not foolish people the sceptic portrays.

In one of my original posts written in May the comment about our retails stalls is this ‘You will find goods and products not normally found on the high street’, and of course this is correct. So if you are looking for clothing, books, Tarot, angel cards, ethically sourced gifts and products. There is more than ample choice to be found during your visit.

This Essay ‘Why Visit a Well Being Show?’ expands on this short article.

See You Soon

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