Lincoln Well Being Show – Final Words

The final appraisal of the Lincoln Well Being Show is more to do with the organisation and progress of LizianEvents. We started the year in April with great enthusiasm for a venue in Manchester. It is a beautiful building to present a Well Being Show. And then Annie presented us with an opportunity to become custodians of her shows. The Manchester venue idea was shelved.

There has to be a comparison between the June Lincoln Show and last weekends. If we did not achieve a substantial improvement, there would be a need rethink the original ethos. The days leading up to the show boded well for the weekend. The significant unsolicited social media traffic and an inbox full of questions indicated the lively interest in the event.

Special thanks go out to Will and his Epic Centre team they set up the venue on time and with excellent efficiency. There were no complaints about the changed The Community set up schedule due to the firework display. The scene was now set for the weekend’s show.

As we now know The Community pulled out all the stops and the event was a tribute to their sterling endeavours. Walking the floor, taking photographs and recording soundbites I decided to ask a question ‘How do you think LizianEvents are progressing?’ The MP3 provides an insight into The Community’s opinions.


People who doubted our ability might well have to think again. We can only go from strength to strength. The Community make the show, no they are the show, LizianEvents piece the jigsaw together. It is nice to hear the praises for the small part we play in the show.

Thank’s to all of The Community.
See You Soon

Vanessa Hill – Provided all of the brilliant images for this article.
Thank you, Vanessa.

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