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Lincoln Well Being Show – Final Words

The final appraisal of the Lincoln Well Being Show is more to do with the organisation and progress of LizianEvents. We started the year in April with great enthusiasm for a venue in Manchester. It is a beautiful building to present a Well Being Show. And then Annie presented us with an opportunity to become custodians of her shows. The Manchester venue idea was shelved.

There has to be a comparison between the June Lincoln Show and last weekends. If we did not achieve a substantial improvement, there would be a need rethink the original ethos. The days leading up to the show boded well for the weekend. The significant unsolicited social media traffic and an inbox full of questions indicated the lively interest in the event.

Special thanks go out to Will and his Epic Centre team they set up the venue on time and with excellent efficiency. There were no complaints about the changed The Community set up schedule due to the firework display. The scene was now set for the weekend’s show.

As we now know The Community pulled out all the stops and the event was a tribute to their sterling endeavours. Walking the floor, taking photographs and recording soundbites I decided to ask a question ‘How do you think LizianEvents are progressing?’ The MP3 provides an insight into The Community’s opinions.


People who doubted our ability might well have to think again. We can only go from strength to strength. The Community make the show, no they are the show, LizianEvents piece the jigsaw together. It is nice to hear the praises for the small part we play in the show.

Thank’s to all of The Community.
See You Soon

Vanessa Hill – Provided all of the brilliant images for this article.
Thank you, Vanessa.

Lincoln Well Being Show – Assessment – Part Two

The first and most important message is to offer immense gratitude to The Community who made this show an incredible success. Liz and I thank every member of The Community for their effort and dedication to make the Well Being Show a weekend to remember for every visitor to the Show. The Community is brilliant and inspiring to all who meet them.

How many came to the Show?

Saturday 267 visitors
Sunday 235 visitors
Total 502

The visitor’s figures do not include those who came for a second visit or entered on guest tickets. Guest tickets are distributed by The Community and also given to shopkeepers, businesses and institutions who supported our promotional campaign.

How do we feel about the numbers? The answer is we are pleased with the increase and feel we have passed a significant signpost. The increase is substantial especially after the ‘knock back’ suffered at Newark. I have been stringent with the way the figures are calculated it could be easy to make the double entry and guest tickets as part of the statistics and increase the numbers. Later in the article, I will explain why we have to be careful with the figures.

Annie said it would not be long before we saw visitors queuing at the door and this is the first time this occurred. I admit to feeling immense pride for The Community who had made this happen. As I watched the people at the door on Saturday the feeling we were making headway boded well for the day ahead. I had the same feeling on Sunday as I watched the cars arriving from 09:30 onwards. Although the day seemed slightly slower, the numbers were close.

The talks are beginning to have good attendances. Three workshops were also a great success for John Richardson, Simon Goodfellow and Carol Wallace. The visitor approval of the workshops has to be another signal The Community are travelling in the right direction. Liz and I will carefully assess the number of seminars and talks for the 2018 Lincolnshire Show. With the Community Members doubling in number next year and the interest for the concept growing daily, this will be an essential aspect for our visitors. It is accepted visitors love the talks schedule and there are opportunities for any Community Member who wishes to present a workshop. Dave put in incredible effort into promoting Simon’s Workshop, and he reaped the harvest from his endeavours.


We have six months to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and here is the prediction. Based on the feedback from visitors interest in the concept and personal intuition, I will target the visitor figure for the weekend at 1500 attendees. With a prediction as high as this there is an imperative need to be as accurate as possible with the figures. The Community is as Campbell says ‘Premier League’ There is a growing confidence within all of us and there is no doubt we are all learning from every show. I predict in 365 days time this writer will be struggling to find enough word to thank the 150 members of The Community who will be part of an incredible year.

Liz and I assure you we will learn from every mistake we have made during 2017 and we will continue to support our growing number of Community and visitors. We are nothing without The Community and Visitors, and this is a fact we will never forget.

Your shows are a reflection of the thousands of hours you commit to your success. In six months you have taken the three Shows from near extinction to become the beginnings of something extraordinary and memorable.

I have no words to adequately describe my pride in knowing you are part of our future and the name LizianEvents.

Thank You


The feedback from the visitors is astounding. This is because of The Community who put every effort into their presentation. As we walked the floor of the show, it was heartening to see how much dedication is put into the weekend’s endeavours. The visitors have a show to remember, and they will return to experience our events in 2018.

However, There was one visitor who did not like the Show. He complained that he considered the stall fees were extortionate. He offered the opinion that ‘In my days as a reader, a table cost ten pounds, a fair price for this event would be forty’. I wonder how we could rent the venue and pay for 100 days of administration for 2600 (65X40) pounds? Ah! Well, you cannot win them all. 🙂

See You Soon

Lincoln Doors Open – Saturday 4th November 

Lincoln Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground

Doors Open – Saturday 4th November

All that remains is for the visitors to arrive. In truth, none of us knows what will happen today. Six months ago we were given the opportunity to take over the remains of an old organisation. Of the five remaining venues, we opted for three, Cheltenham, Lincoln and Newark. The others did not fit in with our plans. Even though the sites were large, there is no room for expansion. We had already decided on the concepts of ‘well being – body’ and ‘well being – spirit’ under one roof. Indeed we were in negotiation with a suitable venue in the north-west of the country.

The interest in Cheltenham wained. We decided not to waste time and effort on the show. The focus of attention is on the three remaining venues. Both Newark and Lincoln have unlimited parking, and this fits well with our plans. The opportunities available to us are without boundaries at these venues, and the facilities are sufficient for thousands of visitors, not hundreds.

As the visitors enjoy their weekend at Lincoln Well Being Show. They may not realise next years Lincolnshire Well Being Show will have twice the number of Community Members and a combination of seventy-two talks and workshops. The name change is subtle and meaningful. We have already written about our intention to expand the show into both halls and to introduce, yoga, fitness, food, meditation and all aspects of physical well-being. The change in name is in line with how we see the shows growing.

We have always used the identity of Well Being and not Mind Body and Spirit. Of course, we see others using the identity wellbeing. However, there is only one LizianEvents Well Being Show. We are not a ‘festival’. To my mind, this word implies a fete, fair, gala, or carnival. The other aspect of the festival is religious, harvest or feast day. We are a ‘show’ a ‘display’ of goods, services, skills and therapies. Yes, there are celebrations of successes, however, people come here to see and learn, and this is why we are a ‘show’ or ‘display’ of our Community’s skills, gifts, products and knowledge.

We have no interest in running more shows it would be straightforward enough to achieve this objective within ten phone calls and three appointments. Another Mind Body and Spirit Show would be easy to formulate and would this offer prosperity to those who joined? I doubt it. For the foreseeable future, we will follow our plans and not waiver from the objectives ahead of us in the coming year.

Today is the beginning of a new era for LizianEvents and The Community who have possession of each show. We move up another step in the evolution of our objectives. As noted in the first paragraph, none of us knows what will happen today. We can be sure of one absolute fact, every one of The Community will provide each visitor with a memorable day.

See You Soon

Friday – Set Up – Lincoln

Set Up Times

The set up for the show is 14:00 until 19:00 – Be aware it is important to arrive before 17:00 as the fireworks display means gate ONE is closed after 17:00 – There is curfew until 18:45 and this is when those who have set up will be able to leave.

There is little more to do than welcome the Community to the Epic Centre. We will arrive around one and will be here until seven in this evening. The final show of what has turned out to be an eventful year. Every one of our Community knows we had a monumental task ahead of us, and nearly 100 people have worked together to get us here today.

One hundred? In fact, it is probably more, we have 83 firm Community Members, and many do not stand alone. And we have the staff of the venues and our four stalwart assistants to add to the equation. Yes, there will be over a hundred people involved in this year’s events.

Liz and I are under no illusions. Without the commitments from The Community and the venue operators, the doors would not open on tomorrow’s show. I am aware of the immense investment in money and time made by The Community. No words can express the gratitude we feel and acknowledge for the trust given to us by so many people.

The astute reader will realise I am referring to this show as a tipping point. From my perspective, I feel the effort of this large group of people, is making a monument impression all who encounter their endeavours. The word is momentum. The Community is leaving great memories in the minds of the visitors.

A successful show has nothing to do with the numbers through the door. It is easy to think visitors indicate success. To my mind, it is tens of emails which say ‘Incredible’ ‘Brilliant mix of exhibitors’ ‘Fantastic atmosphere’ – And no organiser does this, not a one. The people who pay for the event make the show; this is why Liz and I say ‘When the doors open you take possession of the event’.

I will be able to give exact attendance figures on Monday. The total numbers for this year will provide us with a target for 2018. With the two major events at Lincoln next year we will look to triple the attendance of this year. Exciting times ahead and in 365 days time all will be able to judge our progress.

Our work is complete – The Community takes possession of their show.

Lincoln Build Up to the Show – Thursday

Specialists Well Being Community

The Lincoln Show has some specialist stands which warrant talking to the Specialist Community Member. They have many years of experience and knowledge in their chosen fields. The visitor is guided to speak to as many Community Members as possible; it is not uncommon to miss an exciting subject, a few questions can become a life-changing conversation. This list has no specific order and is written to help the visitors see there are many different and specialist products and services at every Show.

Emma Gowshall is an animal communicator. Her story about her work should not be missed by anyone who loves animals and nature.

John Harris is a Soul Wisdom Psychic consultant. I listened to his talk at Newark and found the information interesting and unique. If you’re looking for a different aspect of spiritual work you will find John can open different avenues of thought.

Woodland Trust: The charity is fantastic and affects every one of us. Their work is intensive, and the size of the organisation is impressive. Spiritual attainment and love of nature are aligned and inseparable.

Judith Watson and Norman Ogden: Naturally Smart Skin Care: Brilliant skin care products, their aftershave balm is unbeatable (no excuse for this bias – I use it). Their formulas are the result of years of testing and evolution. The products are as lovely as the people who sell them!

Angie Waudby’s Archangel Studio: Angie is dedicated to her work and the years of development of her products is evident in their quality. Angie’s has an enviable following of regular customers no doubt due to the quality of her unique products.

Jurga Proudlove represents the doTerra range of essential oils: Talk about the oils and how to use them, however, delve further into Jurga’s wisdom. Jurga is one of Nottingham’s most successful health and wellbeing consultants.

Heather Peadly’s Celestial Treasure: The symbolism within every one of Heather’s creations has great depth. Heather guides the visitor into the meanings and representation of her work. The only word is unique. The real artistic skill evident in every piece is fantastic.

Teresa Sequira: The Deamlit Bracelet is worn to enhance sleep and relaxation. Teresa also stocks the highest quality Colloidal gold/silver.

Brigitte Rix: This lovely lady will make you smile and free you from the fear of the final sleep. Her ‘channelled’ books dictated from those in the afterlife.

Sue Hickman and Cristina Warr: They have been Forever Living Products consultants for many years. Not only do the products have worldwide acknowledgement for quality and benefits they can become an incredible business opportunity.

Sandi-Joy Pinkney: Sandi’s prayer beads are a pleaser to own and use. If you spend time in completive mediation, you’ll not find a better quality and more beautiful product.

Erick Henderson: Orgone Devices: The visitor is guided to listen to Erick’s Saturday talk. If you’re a Sunday visitor, no problem, Erick will explain how everything works. Lots of worldwide interest in Orgone for many decades. Unique and interesting stall and product.

Beki Anderson: Neal’s Yard Remedies: I have to declare a love of the hand cream. Now the winter is here my Frankincense hand cream will be used daily. Beki’s range of products is extensive and finds many loyal customers.

This group of Community Members are just a few of the incredible people attending the Lincoln Well Being Show. The 65+ Community – The 18 unique talks and 3 first class workshops will provide a whole weekends entertainment for dedicated visitors.

See You There

Lincoln Sunday Talks and WorkShops

The 200th Post This Year


Looking Ahead

Liz Clark Looking Ahead

The Lincoln Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground

Saturday and Sunday
4 and 5 November

We certainly made a mistake in limiting the number of talks at the earlier shows. We spoke to the visitors and no doubt there is a thirst for talks and plenty of them, we will fill this need. We have new ideas and projects ahead and the area of talks and workshops are forefront in our minds.

Saturday Lincoln Show Talk and WorkShop Schedule.

We have eight talks and two workshops. The talks on the list are varied and fascinating. Everything from Brigitte Rix’s fascinating talk on the afterlife to Kirsty Celik’s mediumistic demonstration. Each of the talks is hosted by people who have enjoyed many years following their specialist subject. You will find them to be entertaining and knowledgable.

Take a few moments to read through the schedule and chose the talks you would like to attend. There is no need to book for talks as the presentation rooms at the Epic Centre are large and comfortable.

Please note there is a charge for the WorkShops and a link is provided after the listing.

See You at Lincoln This Weekend 4 – 5 November 2017

Lincoln Well Being Show ~ Talks & Workshops

Room 1:

Jane Osborne ~ Author of ‘Past Life Regressions’
Author Jane Osborne talks about her book about the fascinating subject of Past Life Regression.

Brigitte Rix ~  Mysteries of the ‘unknown’ Questions & Answers TALK on the Afterlife 

In this lively and interactive talk you have the opportunity to ask your questions to Medium Brigitte RIX. Such as:

· Why & how YOUR life & HEALTH CAN be improved.
· Why YOU CHOSE to be a HUMAN.
· Why you & your LOVED ONES will survive ‘death’.
· Why your departed can learn to COMMUNICATE.
· Why Humans & Animals are ENERGY BEINGS.
· Why there will be more natural DISASTERS.
· Why orbs, premonitions, ‘PAST lives’ are real.
· Why this Universe EXISTS… (and more questions!)

Brigitte is a clairaudient medium, Spiritual Teacher & Channelling author – 4 acclaimed published books CHANNELLED from the ‘Spirit World’.

Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Healing
Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication
A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Emma will also present a short demonstration of animal communication.

Natalie Hegarty ~ Happytivity
‘Future Life Progression’
Natalie shares her journey with Future Life Progression and how it helped her to find hope within her life – Natalie will conduct a guided meditation with the audience members, taking them on journeys to see yourself in a future lifetime.

Rachel Bavin ~ Elemental Balance
‘Vibrational Frequencies’
In this mini workshop led by Rachel, Experience energetic balancing frequencies as a group.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. Bioresonance fine-tunes your energetic body, clears blockages and balances you at your core cellular energetic level and helps you to return to equilibrium. When your energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body also experiences optimal health.  Using Bio-resonance energy balancing tools can bring about an incredibly subtle and deep healing, yet it is painless, safe and totally non-invasive. As a transformation modality, bio-resonance is a comprehensive and powerful tool for energy balancing and healing on all levels of your Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Kirsty Celik ~ Medium
A demonstration of mediumship with audience participation and Kirsty’s sparkle and humour.

Room 2:

John Harris ~ Soul Awareness & Soul Wisdom
‘Past, Present & Future using the Akashic Records’
John explains the mysteries of how one can use what are known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at soul level and explores what we can do with that information.  An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

12.00 – 2.00pm ~ ‘Chakra Clearing Workshop’:
Paid workshop hosted by Crystal Carol’s Carol Wallace

2.00pm – 4.30pm ~ ‘Introduction To The Psychic and Spiritual Realm’:
Paid workshop hosted by Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium

Information About WorkShops Below: –

WorkShop Information

Lincoln Well Being Show

Focus on The Lincoln Well Being Show

4 – 5 November
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Showground
Grange – de – Lings

This show will be our second at the fabulous Epic Centre. It is a modern building purpose designed for shows, promotions and events. It is, of course, a premier venue which is ecologically friendly. Innovations such a recycled water in the toilet facilities, to controlled energy consumption make the venue perfect for our ethos and objectives.

The Community work toward a harmonious atmosphere and giving their visitors the very best Well Being experience. When the venue feels good; the work is made more comfortable and more enjoyable. We (The Community) are building an enviable reputation for quality, creative expression and ability. The atmosphere of the shows has to be experienced to be believed. It is only when people work to a common purpose and bond together in harmony does this phenomenon occur.

The sixty plus people who will gather together at the Lincoln Show will demonstrate the very best of human purpose. The purpose and objective is to help their fellow humans find peace and happiness in their life journey.  No one is making any extraordinary claims, or pretending miracles will happen. They all know if a visitor sees’s people secured by a unified purpose, the visitor will gain by being within their presence. In a World where many factions argue and attempt to rise to a superior position, it is simply fantastic, to enter an environment where the purpose is for all to succeed. Whether Community member or visitor the goal of being at the show is to find Well Being.

A visitor should consider the effort each Community Member puts into their part of the show. At the most basic level, each show will take four days of their time. Friday to prepare and set up, Saturday and Sunday they work for ten to twelve hours on the floor, and Monday is taken with unloading cars and vans and storing the equipment and stock for the next show. There are of course variables. However, this is the primary commitment.

For most, the commitment goes further, between each show there is their stock to review, buy or make. For people like Judith Watson and Norman Ogden, there are health and hygiene and regulations to contend with, and this is before they have to formulate their unique and popular products. The Community members who sell unique gifts and ethically sourced gifts spend tens of hours finding the best products for the visitors. We have at least five exhibitors who travel to Asia, United States and Europe to source their products.

The Healers and Therapists have qualifications which take time and money to attain. Many travel immense distances to attend the right courses and work with the best teachers. The regulations with which they have to comply are becoming tighter and require more than a ‘nod’ to the authorities which enforce the rules. The Community Members who sell supplements have their work made more difficult with legislation which bars them from providing empirical evidence that their products work.

The ‘Readers’ are no longer pantomime players who read tea leaves from the back of a caravan. Gypsy Rose Lee has at least 500 ‘fortune teller’ daughters or relatives. Goodness knows how she had time to polish her crystal ball; she must have at least 200 daughters. No, today’s ‘Reader’ is most often a highly qualified counsellor or psychologist. The very experienced reader will have worked with hundreds of clients. Their understanding of real-life problems and how to deal with them are second to none. I would prefer to call ‘Readers’ Life Consultant’s because this is how I see their work, maybe I will change the listings on our website to reflect my certainty, many make major differences to their client’s lives.

The LizianEvents Community are aware of the importance of working together. They are also mindful Liz and I do not give false hopes or make extraordinary claims, we are not ‘the best’ or have ‘all the answers’ we are not ‘all things to all men’. In fact, we are less than 1/65 of the equation, of each show. You may ask ‘How so?’

I answer this if the accumulated hours of the Community’s commitment is added together. The total will outstrip our contribution many time over. LizianEvents is not the show The Community, who invest their money and time and trust our business acumen is the Well Being Show.

All Articles until the 4th of November will be about The Community and their Show.

See You Soon

Lincoln Community List