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In the world of minerals, crystals and crystal healing Crystal Carol Wallace has many admirers. From a personal perspective, there is no doubt she is one of the most consistent and kind people anyone could meet.

Carol travels the World to purchase her stock: Brazil, America, France and Germany are visited most years. The breadth of her contact list is immense. For example: she has connections in many Chinese, African and Australian mineral mines. Carol can source almost any crystal and mineral a collector desires. Few people can have such a strong international infrastructure to their business.

With twenty-five years of daily experience in her trade, she has accumulated a formidable memory of knowledge and information. During a conversation, you’ll soon discover she demonstrates the secret of successful people. Carol has not the slightest of problem freely giving from this wisdom and will give time to answer any questions in depth.

During a show I ask our visitors about The Community: Here are visitors comments about Crystal Carol’s stall and workshop presentation. In the following comments the reader discovers evidence of her expertise:-

‘Carol’s crystals are high quality and well priced’.
‘I wish her talk lasted for two hours, not one! Although the talk was exactly as described, the interest in the subject is greater because of the excellence of Carol’s presentation’.
‘First port of call is always Crystal Carol’s stall’.

Here is a comment was taken from a recording made in Nottingham:

’Carol spent twenty minutes talking to me although I did not buy the crystal at the time. When I called her the following week, she remembered me and the crystal. I received it two days later beautifully packaged. I’ve no doubt the time Carol spent with me influenced my choice to buy the crystal’.

Visitors to our shows enjoy Carols talks and workshops. It is evident from the feedback and comments she gives the attendees an enlightening experience and they would like to learn more about crystals. So, visitors attending the 2018 LizianEvents dates will be able to book for her new ‘Introduction to Crystals Workshop’. And for the first time, this workshop will provide all attendees with a Certificate of Attendance.

Carol explains:

‘The new introduction course lasts for two hours. It is intensive and enjoyable. Every attendee will learn simple techniques which can be used immediately. I have thought about this course for the last few months, working out the best ways to pack the two hours with as much information as possible’.

I asked her if there would be difficulty in remembering the information.

‘Remember I have fifteen years of teaching experience. The seminar takes a number of ideas and methods taught in a sequential method: so as each one builds on the next. Throughout the workshop, every student is carefully assessed to make sure they have enough information to move onto the next stage. Of course, I have worked on the timeline of the workshop so there is plenty of leeways to ensure this can be achieved’.

Do the attendees need to bring crystals?

‘No, I provide everything required. The students can either use their own crystals after the course or purchase suitable crystals after the course is finished’.

What is the benefit of the certificate?

‘It is more than evidence of attendance. For example: the student learns a time-tested and excellent method of Chakra balancing and clearing. If they chose to ‘work’ with a friend the certificate proves they know how to follow the correct procedure.

Can the students take the workshop further?

‘The workshop provides students with a sound foundation to take their journey into crystal healing to higher degrees of development. After attending my 2017 workshops a number of attendees decide to enrol on my Melody training courses. However, it is important to remember I would never pressurise students to follow on from this basic workshop’.

Is the workshop influenced by the Melody courses?

‘It would be incorrect if I said no. Every aspect of our life is influenced by our lessons and daily experiences. The Melody courses are intense and require a high degree of student input. That is not to say Melody’s courses are difficult to understand or complete. My ‘Introduction To Crystals Workshop’ last for two hours and it is not possible to come near to a Melody course on this timescale. So the answer to the question is this: I am a Melody Trainer and the workshop students will benefit from my intensive knowledge of the Melody methodology. The workshop is my own and is different to a Melody course’.

What can the students expect?

‘I considered the most often asked customer questions while formulating the workshop. Over the years I’ve spoken to thousands of customers and I feel I know where the most interest is directed. A combination of my own ideas and customers needs is the essence of the workshop. There is no doubt of its incredible potential. The student should expect to begin the workshop with little knowledge and leave with an understanding of the Chakra system, choosing crystals, pendulum dowsing and basic crystal healing’.

This sounds an intense two hours?

‘Of course it will be intense, however, I assure attendees they will learn the four basic requirements to an excellent standard. As I already mentioned the course builds one step at a time. Students will learn each stage before moving on to the next’.

How can the attendees use the lessons learned in the workshop?

‘After the workshop, they will be able to practice the methods with friends in a safe and rewarding way. Each facet of crystal healing has benefits for the practitioner and client. The healer enjoys a feeling of well being during and after a session of crystal healing. We are in the highest of spiritual attainment while in the ‘zone’ of a healing session. They can use the methods to help friends and family as the need arises. Not forgetting the attendee will have learned skills which can be used over their lifetime’.

Any final thoughts?

‘The attendee’s will enjoy a great two hours of teaching and interaction. They will learn simple methods which can be used when the need arises. Students can be assured of being taught in a clear and concise way. There is no need to be concerned about complex layouts or needing to remember the different associations of tens of crystals. Everyone is assured the workshop will be fun and full of usable information. And they may well listen to a few anecdotes about a few of the thousands of people I have worked with over the last twenty years’.

The cost of this two-hour course will be £40:00

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