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I would ask all community members to consider teaching a workshop at your events. The long-term potentials are incredible. The student not only learns more about your subject they also have an opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level. This builds long-term relationships and personal bonds with attendees.

The idea behind a workshop must be thought through with care. The subject should be well researched. A varied and transparent approach to the facets is essential for the workshop to succeed. It is suggested the teacher writes down the flow of the seminar on a large piece of paper. Four segments of half an hour will make an interesting an enjoyable session.

Introduction: Do not waffle about your achievements and life history. I watched a teacher talk ‘ego’ for ten minutes before a seminar. He had shot his self in the foot by making this mistake. Looking around the room it was apparent the students were not impressed, no one will spend £20-40 on a two-hour workshop unless they have researched the instructor. So, short and concise introduction.

Timeline: A sheet with a timeline of the workshop is advisable. Provide a clear timetable and briefly go through the lesson being taught. At this point define your policy on questions. Will questions be answered during the lesson or at the end of each section? This aspect of the workshop is very important. Questions can eat into the allotted time and result in playing ‘catch up’ for the whole of the session. This will result in problems on the last module. So, establish when and how long the question and answer session will be and remember there is the option to give answers via email after the workshop.

Modules: In a two-hour workshop a simple presentation is four twenty minute modules. With 120 minutes available this gives leeway for the agreed question time and space for a ten-minute break. If the format of each module is well thought through the students will enjoy an excellent workshop.

Build the Workshop Modules: Each module should follow onto the next. The first will explain the basic history and how the idea works. The second part the material requirements are reviewed. For example, a hypnotist my talk about how to record a session or a colour therapist reviews light sources and filters. The third module explains how to use the system and refers to the methodology of the subject. Finally, the teacher puts the whole workshop together, and students practice the theme of the workshop.

This is, of course, a suggestion and not set in stone. However, this is a good and time-tested way of presenting a workshop. The teacher must accept to give a two-hour workshop he must invest at least thirty hours in learning his presentation. If this is considered too much, then do not consider presenting one, as there is an obligation to give a workshop full of information and practical application. Remember, every hour invested will pay long-term dividends. As the workshops evolve, students will return to learn more about the subject.

Teachers benefit from the bond made with the attendees. Never is there a better time to build reputation and business opportunities. Attendees will have an interest in the subject, and if the workshop is stellar in content and presentation, it will not be forgotten. Anyone thinking of teaching their wisdom and knowledge will discover their students will remember their workshop or presenter for many years afterwards.

Workshops make sense financially; there are opportunities for the students to purchase products. In fact, many expect to buy products relative to the workshop. I remember paying for a day workshop in scriptwriting; the ‘expert’ had written a book on the subject, imagine the feelings at the end of the day when there were no books to be purchased. He had taught the workshop using his book as the basis for the course. Doing the journey home all I remembered was the lack of books. In fact, I cannot remember the man’s name.

Community Members who decide to present a workshop will be making a wise choice. Provided they invest the time into the timeline, information and presentation, they will enjoy a profitable experience.

There are many potential attendees for every workshop. However, the students must be aware that it is taking place. There is no pointing formulating the idea and rehearsing the workshop unless it is marketed correctly. The information must be available to visitors as soon as possible. This is why LizianEvent is an excellent platform to choose to present a workshop. As soon as a Community Member decides to present a seminar, we will begin the marketing process. An initial ‘News’ article is written and published. Interview’s with the presenter align with the workshop, and the articles are repeated at regular intervals. Videos are made about the workshop for the presenter. The 7000 verified visitor dater base is used to inform visitors about the workshop. The dates and times are put on the website. And finally, the workshop is advertised on the growing social media network.

It is essential the presenter does his or her part. They must be relentless in their marketing of their workshop. It is essential to keep LizianEvents notified about the workshop and its content. Once the awareness of the workshop takes momentum, the presenter can look forward to an enjoyable and profitable two and a half hours. The long-term benefits of one’s reputation cannot be underestimated. Anyone who feels they can present a workshop should consider this opportunity. Our shows are building in reputation. We have intensified the promotion of the events. The list of people wishing to become Community Members is growing weekly. Make 2018 a year that you explore new ideas to benefit your business and reputation. Why not consider a workshop? Contact us on the form below.

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