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I am always looking for articles to be added to the ‘News’. If there is a need to find success articles about yourself and your work as excellent conduits for publicity.

The question: ‘What type of article are you looking for?’ It is a good question and requires an in-depth answer. The answer is ‘anything’: send in an essay and provided it is moral and non-political it will be published.

Part of the objective of Lizian Well-Being Events is to encourage the community of like-minded people to work together. By insisting on uniqueness in each stall, a visitor discovers sixty plus exhibitors who hold their interest because of the specialisation. Therefore many Community Members should see the sense of writing about their work, skill, gift and treatments. The visitor who reads the essays on this WordPress site has a greater understanding of the people involved in the show. Short articles are a superb way to promote any business or oneself.

The result of reading the essay means a visitor will consider exhibitors more approachable. The essays reveal inner thoughts and in-depth information, and while reading a profile, a visitor may well formulate other questions. There is no doubt writing about who we are and what we do, benefits our cause, objective and business.

Visitors are encouraged to write about their experience of an event. They may comment on exhibitors, talks, and workshops. Equally important is our visitor’s ideas about their spiritual values and beliefs. I am sure many can make positive and enjoyable contributions to the LizianEvents blog.

Here are a few ideas worthy of an essay.

1. When did you discover an interest in esoteric ideas?
2. Explain how a strong belief benefits your life.
3. What is the connection between our Planet and our personal environment?
4. How can spiritual ideals work within daily existence?
5. Who is your God?
6. Can we heal ourselves?
7. Does love conquer all?
8. How do we say No?
9. Why does kindness matter?
X. Is money important?

This is the most basic of lists, and there are hundreds of more questions which could be used as the ‘seed’ phrase to write a five-hundred-word essay. Not forgetting your anecdotes and life stories. Maybe the article can come from a favourite quote. Let us end on Stephen Grellet’s popular sentiment:

“We shall pass this way on Earth but once, if there is any kindness we can show or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again.”

The thirty-six words hold the most powerful message; the sentiment proves is not necessary to write a masterpiece or two hundred page novel to affect another human’s life. Get writing, leave a message help and guide other people to discover new ways of being free and happy.

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