Happy Christmas Day

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We know Christmas day is enjoyed by family and close friends and few will read the LizianEvents News today.

Christmas day is a day of happiness and gifts. Children are laughing and too much food. We’ll celebrate with a few drinks, and some will pay the price on Boxing  Day, and why not? Today is the day when happiness reigns. We feel the atmosphere of kindness and giving.


The celebration is an acknowledgement of success and finality. It is a reward for endeavour and determination to fulfil objectives. The presents under the tree, table laden food, warm home and laughter. This is Christmas, the celebration. 365 days passed on the last celebration day. Some successful, some not, nothing matters today apart from being within the moment of kindness and giving.


The generosity of Christmas is an indication of humankind’s most significant potentials. The potential of sharing and caring. And as we watch presents being opened take a moment to think about the effort involved in buying the gifts. Many will have made personal sacrifices to be able to give their loved one’s presents. Sacrifice is one humanities proofs of compassion. Sharing, caring and sacrifice are embellished in the act of giving.


I know today recognises the significance of the birth of Jesus. Although today signifies more to me than this Christian landmark, in my mind today is the birth of a new cycle. More so, than new years day. I seem’s to me that the unified celebration of today lasts longer and is more ‘involved’ than the striking of the midnight chime. The continuous excitement, celebrations and gratitude which seem to flow through the day are more powerful and influential.

New Beginnings

If ever there is a time to consider objectives it is at this moment. I feel my mind is more open to the year ahead when I consider the future today. The association of happiness and generosity has already set the imagination into the zone of prosperity and well-being. Whenever we decided to set our mind to future success, the time has to be right to formulate the plan. Today is right for me; it is when I write (literally) my needs, objectives and desires for the year ahead. I will write up my words on the front page of my new notebook. The new notebook signifies the clean sheets ready for the year ahead.


Liz and I have many celebrations of thanks, today. The family and children who will be enjoying their day. A successful year trading at Lizian Crystal and Incense Shop. And something new, something which involves many people. Liz and I must give thanks for the many people who are within The LizianEvents Community. There are ninety – one at the moment and the coming year will see the number expand to an excess of one hundred and thirty Community Members. The faith they have in our work is our success. We will never forget our obligation to the ethos of your shows. We thank you for your support and trust. These are two words no man can buy; they have to become active through action and example. Liz and I will work throughout the coming year to prove our intention as real. We will work to help every member of The Community prosper at the shows.


So we thank all of you for your gift of faith in our work. There is no doubt YOU are the shows and the success of every event. Our visitors recognise your endeavours and dedication. Today we will reflect with care upon our responsibilities to all members of the community. We thank all of our visitors who visited the shows without your support the shows would not be making the fantastic progress being enjoyed.


If you are reading this article on Christmas Day Liz and I wish you the very best of happiness from each second of the celebration. Enjoy your day and don’t drink too much.

Ian and Liz

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