Boxing Day

Keep It Spinning
Keep It Spinning

Well, we hope you enjoyed your celebration. This essay is the shortest article of the year with only two hundred words or so. Most people will be taking the next few days to rest if they are lucky enough to have a holiday and not have to work. We will be working at ‘The Lizian Crystal and Incense Shop’ in Nottingham until New Year’s Eve.

The New Year will bring the new ideas for promoting the shows into view. We have two spectacular concepts to advantage our Community Members. The plans are drawn up and ready to go; there is no doubting the potential of these new opportunities. Follow the ‘News’ to learn about the programs for the coming year.

New Years Day’s article will review of the eight months since Annie Webster entrusted the events into our care. It will be the biggest one I have written for the ‘News’ and is in the editorial stage at the moment. Liz and I feel the reader will be impressed with what ‘The Community’ has achieved, and it will set the seeds for 2018.

I will use the next few days to post articles about Community Members and their work. Everyone can be assured we will be relentless in producing new and exciting reports in the LizianEvents News Platform. Those who wish to contribute to the ‘News’ are assured of attaining a high degree of self-promotion, and you are encouraged to write reports and articles to heighten the chances of personal success.

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