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Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events

Nottingham – Trowell – Well Being Show

Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road
Trowell – Nottingham

27 & 28 January

Show Time

Nottingham Trowel is the first LizianEvents Well Being show of 2018. This event is proving to be popular with visitors and Community Members. We are pleased to confirm it will be a full house and we have many new and varied exhibitors.

The changing mix of attendees is, of course, a result of the ‘first come first served’ booking policy. It is essential to keep the shows fresh for the visitors with new and varied Community Members.

The Venue

The Nottingham Well Being Show is held at the Trowell Parish Hall. Although a small venue the build is capable of holding thirty-two exhibitors. A number which ensures every visitor will have an enjoyable day: indeed many visitors make a whole weekend of the show.

Travelling To The Venue

I have tested sat nav from Nottingham, Ilkeston and Derby. No problems with finding the Parish Hall and Trowell are easy to see the map. The TrentBarton 21 and Myi5 bus services run on Saturday and Sunday. The stops are only minutes away from the venue.


There is a decent car park in front of The Hall. Visitors can use the adjoining roads to park their cars if necessary.

This time around we will have shifted the menus slightly. Baked potatoes have returned, and mixed bean chilli with rice will be a vegetarian and vegan alternative. Of course, the famous sausage or bacon subs will be ready to serve every day. Remember we buy supplies with the intention to run out of food. The waste of food is something we try to avoid after all the ethos of the events is to find balance and harmony. Food is very much part of our Well Being

Community Members Attending

As mentioned there is a rich and varied mix of Community Members at this show. Visitors can choose from five readers (the maximum attending over the weekend). The show now has a remarkable for quality and reputation and now attracts the likes of Simon Goodfellow, Jo Paz, Stephanie King never has there been a better opportunity to have a reading in Nottingham area. We have a varied group of established and well-known therapists. This time round Chandu Solanki is available for massage and reflexology. He has an enviable reputation for his work. Of course, there will be the stalwart Community Members who have built the status of the Nottingham Show; no one will be disappointed.


LizianEvents News will have articles and information about this show from now and until the doors open on 27 – 28 January.

The entry cost is one pound on the door, or you can obtain a free ticket from the Eventbrite link at the top of this page.

See You Soon

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