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CornerStone Article
CornerStone Article

We are always being asked ‘How do I ‘exhibit’ at your shows’. This article is written to answer the question: and some of the questions that follow on from an enquiry. There will also be a link to this information on the LizianEvents Website’s Community and Visitors Information page (LINK). If you have a friend or colleague, who is interested in becoming a Community Member refer them to this article on the page. This article is written concisely, so there is no mistaking our determination to evidence the core values of our ethos. The ethos is supported by three words: integrity, transparency and dedication. LizianEvents Objective is to pursue every avenue which helps The Community succeed.

The article may seem ‘firm’ in its style and message; this is intentional; it is essential that there is no mistaking our intention to succeed in providing an excellent platform for Community Members to profit from their work. Nothing is allowed to undermine our progress or dedication. Liz and I are committed to promoting Community Members who place their trust in our endeavours.

Prospects must understand we do everything to help them succeed and we value them as part of our organisation. We respect all people who chose to invest, their time and money in the shows. Be clear, we never lie or make excuses. Some may feel we do not focus our resources in the right direction. For example, we do not use newspaper advertisements or temporary road signs. To counter this we circulate thousands of flyers, and Community Members are encouraged to distribute them. All Community Members know they have a part in the promotion of every show. And we provide daily FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram articles to share. A prospect must be under no illusions about our methods. Do not join The Community and complain you did not understand the modus operandi. Promotion of LizianEvents Shows is holistic, and we consider this is more effective than other methods.

How do we choose who becomes a Community Member? The answer is we do not select Community members. We do not ask for Community Members or advertise for new members on the website. We feel it is irresponsible to have booking forms on our website. There has to be a gatekeeper or guardian to protect existing Community Members. If someone could just ‘book and pay’ it would make a mockery of The Community’s trust in LizianEvents. I am not inferring this is not a good practice for other events or organisers.

So, if we do not choose anyone how does someone become a Community Member? They will contact us via email or phone call. Mr Prospect will be asked ‘Have you read the terms and conditions?’ Most reply they have not, so they are directed to the LizianEvents website where they can read the ‘Community – Visitor Info’ Page. The T&C’s are the core of the ethos. If Mr Prospect feels he can follow the ethos and understands he is expected to work with us we can begin to work together. To bond a Community all must feel secure, they can operate with safe and sensible parameters. Some people prefer to be ‘exhibitors’ not interactive and sharing Community Members. Some go no further preferring to fly solo, and that is fine, there has to be agreement for The Community to thrive.

The prospect will sometimes ask for information about the fine details. It is no use saying ‘I want a two by three-metre space, an extra area for a couch and one hundred kilos of healing crystals’. So, we ask a counter question: it is: ‘Have you attended a LizianEvents Well Being Show?’ and if the answer is no, the recommendation is to make a visit and talk to the Community. We guide the prospect to the areas they should look at during the visit. They will see the floor space, the way that Liz designs the floor plan. Attention is drawn to the fact there are no ‘fixed’ positions. Mr Prospect will be guided to count the number of Community Members in each genre – Therapist – Retail – Reader – Information. It is rare for anyone to be in the same place twice, and we operate a first come first booked booking arrangement.

Many people are on waiting lists. Others make specialist demands which cannot be accommodated. Some go no further because they do not wish to pay for a stall, believing they are an asset and will draw in Visitors. The Community is the reason people come to their shows; individuals only attract those who like what they do. Others comment we charge too much, and that is their perspective, we will never justify or charges. There are other reasons people do stay Community Members for very long for examples; A few people have cancelled at the last moment on more than one show, or even failed to turn up for the show. We have some who let us down in other ways, and there is no place for ‘exhibitors’ at the shows. They do not let us down; they let The Community down. There was an early critic of LizianEvents who asked for a booking form; my reply was ‘This is a small world and people gossip, your feelings about our shows are widely known, I do not think the shows are for you. we can go no further’.

We can only be transparent and fair; you may think I’m not fair to the critic just mentioned, believing everyone should be given a second chance. The point is: criticism is of no consequence to Liz and I. Everything we do is open and transparent. Ask, and we will answer. The critic is of no importance or concern to LizianEvents. I feel every Community Member is clear about what we do; there are no grey areas. The doors open on the day and Community takes possession of the Show, and they are responsible for its reputation. So when this critic chose to demean a show. The criticism is directed at The Community, and there is no place for that individual. End of comment.

In the same vein, the ‘exhibitor’ who complained a show was poor, and they did not cover their overheads encountered a simple reply ‘If the Visitors see you immersed in an iPhone, the message is I don’t care, and there is little I can do to help.’’

If a Member says ‘I’m struggling to make it work’ my reply will be ‘Let’s get your profile updated and make you visible on LizianEvents News (LEN); all you need to do is send in a few details, and I’ll do the rest’ – And if I do not see the information or there is no further communication what more can I offer?

Some old school ‘exhibitors’ believe the onus is solely on the organiser to promote the show. I accept their comment, it is their belief, and there is no point in arguing the differing aspects. The Community understands we expect them to be pro-active in the promotion and social media awareness. I am not foolish enough to expect everyone to have daily interaction with promoting their business, therapy or product. Therefore, I produce LEN for The Community to utilise to their advantage. At the basic level, all that is required is to go to LizianEvents FaceBook or Twitter pages and ‘like’ the articles and then ‘share’ them on your FaceBook or Twitter page.

And while writing about LEN remember this: Once someone becomes a part of the community, they can utilise LEN to their advantage forever. Just because A Community Member cannot stand at the Well Being Show does not mean we ignore or forget them. Profiles, reviews and information are read by many people: For example, Eliza Hodge’s review of her Geopathic Stress Kit received 300 reads in one day.

Finally, Prospects should know for the present LizianEvents is focussed on three venues. Liz is continually asked if we will expand the number of shows. There is a demand for us to organise shows in the North and London area.

Don’t forget we chose not to take on all the venues offered to us, and they had good potential. We see the possibilities of Newark and Lincoln are almost without boundaries. The target is for the each Lincoln and Newark Show to be attended by a year’s worth of small show Visitors. So, for the foreseeable future, we will root our shows at Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham. Until the trio of shows are saturated with Visitor attendance and healthy and loved by Community and Visitors, why would we take our attention elsewhere? Anyone can have a business where there are ten assets, and one of the assets is good, and the rest are mediocre. We have three venues, and we intend to demonstrate absolute integrity to the management of those venues. Liz and I have fixed objectives: One is for every Community Member and Visitor to know that they are the Shows. And we will use every asset, audio, written word, images and video to promote The Community. LizianEvents News (LEN) is central to this exposure. Come with us on this journey of evolution.

To demonstrate our dedication to the future of The Community and Visitors Well Being Shows here are the dates for 2019 and 2020. We are taking the future of The Well Being Shows very seriously indeed.


Nottingham Trowell:
26 & 27 January
4 & 5 May
26 & 27 October

Newark Showground:
16 & 17 February
14 & 15 September

Lincolnshire Showground:
1 & 2 June
2 & 3 November


Nottingham Trowell:
25 & 26 January
2 & 3 May
31 October & 1 Nov

Newark Showground:
15 & 16 February
12 & 13 September

Lincolnshire Showground:
6 & 7 June
7 & 8 November

See You Soon

Ian Timothy and Liz Clark

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