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During the Newark Well Being Show, we will be joined by Dathan Berry. He has imported the highest quality rock salt into the U.K for many years. Some years ago Dathan decided to take the product further and choose to research everything relevant to rock salt. If you are a therapist or end user Dathan can advise you on the best way to use this amazing natural healing product. During a conversation you will find him fascinating and articulate, you cannot help but learn something beneficial to your wellbeing. Dathan’s company has training facilities and therapists can take their knowledge a level where it can be used in many aspects of alternative healing.

SolRox website is worthy of a visit. It is here you can get a real feel for Dathan and his company. There is information aplenty about his products and of course, a secure online shop. I have copied a select from the website, have a read through and if you wish to go further, connect using the link at the end of the article.

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An innovative approach to improving health and wellbeing in the workplace, SolRox™ puts a spring in the step and a tingle in the toes!

Developed by chiropractors, reflexologists and therapists, Ocean Spa Therapy helps to improve the health issues that impact your business the most; back pain, stress, musculature wear and tear, lack of energy and reduced focus.

SolRox™ is a naturally derived crystal made by ancient oceans 250 million years ago; a crystal version of the sea containing the molecular matrix of all complex carbon-based life forms on our planet. In this crystal form, the molecular plasma of the ocean rebalances the mineral equilibrium of your body on contact with the skin, helping to heal muscle and bone damage, reduce tension and stress, improve circulation, increase energy levels, and improve balance, mobility and body temperature regulation.

Our trained therapists are experts in the SolRox™ product range and other aspects of health and wellbeing in the workplace, combining Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Progressive Reflexology and Nutritional advice to offer a productivity-boosting workplace therapy that is cost-effective, simple and easy to apply.

Book one of our therapists to visit for your office, or to speak to us to tailor-make a workplace therapy package that suits you and your co-workers. Our contact details are at the foot of this page; give us a call or drop us a line and bring the healing power of the ocean to your office.



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