Newark Well Being Show – Saturday Review

No doubt in anyone’s mind this evening The Newark Show is a success. The Community and Visitors have demonstrated the event has life and a future. The Community has turned the Show around. Visitors saw the brilliant line-up on the Show Guide and decided to travel to Newark.

The comments I recorded at the show are the evidence that The Community is taking their Shows in the right direction. A universal feeling of success and positive praises for The Community from Visitors is overwhelming. The sense of accomplishment must be within the Being of everyone who came to the show today.

It is late, and Liz and I have had a busy and fruitful day. Tomorrow (Monday) – Tuesday and Wednesday’s LizianEvents News will be filled with comments, recording and videos. I’m looking forward to writing the articles.

Well done to all Members of The Community you are stars in the sky of Well Being tonight. Be sure in your minds you have made many Visitors very happy today.

See You Later


  1. Super day 1 today. Atmosphere was buzzing. Looking forward to day 2 and seeing what more mischief I can accomplish.

  2. It was awesome, the atmosphere generated the diversity in the people visiting and the opportunity to sit with a talented bunch of individuals so to all you community member out there thank you for letting me share in your energies. Love being at these events and in my humble opinion this is only the start so as my favourite wrestlers say in their tag line “Are you ready”

  3. Smashing Saturday, Super Sunday! I had lots of lovely new ‘customers’ and ‘old’ ones came to my stand to buy more of my channelled books — I was also very pleased to inform & help numerous visitors as they enjoyed asking me questions on the Afterlife, both during my Talk & at my stand. Some visitors to the show, who had planned to only come on Saturday, decided to COME BACK on Sunday : they told me the Lizian Show ambience was so inviting and the wide range of talks and stands so interesting, they wanted to sample them all! Well done everybody! xx

    • Wow – Thank you for taking the time to make this comment Brigitte. I’m sorry I did not have time to talk to you for very long at the show. As you know I was gathering as much media as possible and sadly missed the opportunity to talk to many of The Community. Ian

      • No problem, Ian. You had such a large number of people to talk to! It is important you can gather information & impressions and create wonderful archives for Our Shows. You are doing an astoundingly excellent, multifaceted and valuable job: thanks to your audio/ video/ photos…and your superbly written articles/ newsletters/ blogs etc! Thus keeping us all up to date and even more motivated- as well as aware of ‘What Really Works’ ! THANK YOU!!!

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