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Jane Osbourne

Newark Well Being Show
17 – 18 February 2018

Show Review

Saturday 256
Sunday 234
Total 490

The figures do not include visitors who returned on Sunday.

Remember, the first Newark Show last year was a disappointment to me. Visitor attendance was lower than The Community deserved. This weekend we were not too far away from the target of 500 Visitors. The Community is winning, many of our Visitors are returning visitors who attended Lincoln and the original Newark Shows.

The Community has achieved a milestone. Because they have in effect doubled the attendance figure in less than four months. We can anticipate a fabulous event in September. The Community’s stellar performance will ensure every Visitor is in for a Well Being Show which will be a permanent memory.

You see, to nearly double the numbers is a fantastic achievement, and the connotation of what you have achieved is worthy of deep thought. The feedback from Visitors is 101%. All commented on the variation, quality and standard of The Community.

Atmosphere, ‘vibes’, ‘came for an hour – stayed all day’, ‘loved the talks’, ‘balanced amount of stalls’ and best of all ‘I came to the show yesterday and had to return today’ these are a few of the hundreds of comments Liz received. And we should remember when Visitors leave with these thoughts they will return, time and again.

There will be a comprehensive review of the Show tomorrow. With images and audio aplenty. For the present, the first part of the evaluation is The Community has achieved a landmark success, and we now accept The Well Being Shows have a sparkling future ahead.

To every one of The Community Members and our valued Visitors there are just two words:

Thank You

See You Soon


  1. So Happy for Liz & Ian you really do put your heart and soul into Every Event
    So pleased to be involved with Lizianevents xxxx

    • We will blend into a strong and resourceful Community Gary. And with members such as yourself and Jane, the future is secure. Thank you, for your endeavour and loyalty – Ian

    • Yes, Jane, they were informative and memorable. I note your own was fully attended and some Visitors had travelled to the show just to hear your own talk. Well done and thanks for your continuous efforts – Ian

  2. THANK YOU Everyone for a brilliant weekend “team work = works ” ..xx lots of great feedback from visitors, one lady i know traveled up from London ! .. and as always we had a great show, lots of laughs and happy customers !

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