Lincolnshire Well Being Show Review – Part One

The question The Community will be asking ‘How many Visitors attended the Show?

The answer is this:

Saturday 387
Sunday 412
Total 799

One more and The Community would have attracted 800 Visitors!

Remember: We do not count two-day attendees twice. We do count Visitors who attend with complimentary tickets. Complimentary tickets are given to businesses and individuals who distribute flyers and posters.

So concerning the show’s future what does this mean?

With three times the attendance of the original Well Being Show, I feel the word progress is justified. To double this attendance over the next twelve months is defiantly achievable and at sixteen hundred visitors: Well, the show will become a phenomenon.

The importance of the show should not be underestimated; it has almost unlimited potential. Many observers realise the concept of combined ‘Well Being – Body’ ‘Well Being – Spirit’ show will open the shows to new Visitors: of course this is precisely what is needed to revitalise the interest of the public.

Remember we are working on a transformational concept. Every event is bound to evolve, and as the human is resistant to change, we’ll encounter immense resistance. One certainty is we’ll lose ‘exhibitors’ who cannot see the bigger picture. I will be writing of this during the week.

What About The Review?

We have recorded interviews to listen to and many images to see. I feel the show review will consist of five articles. No one would read a five thousand word article. The topics will be cover aspects which will appeal to both Community and Visitors. For today we’ll read a number of the many reviews received over the last day; after all, it would be easy for me to wax lyrical about the undoubted success of The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

The Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Articles will be appraisals of three aspects of The Well Being Show:

Lessons To Learn

Before continuing we MUST give credit to all who made the Lincolnshire Well Being Show the most successful weekend event: They are of course The Community:

Alphabetical list of the JUNE Community Members:

Alchemy Products
Angelic Fragrance
Angela Barker
Alison Dean Medium
Barrie John Medium
Boho Belle
Brigitte Rix – I Talk With Spirits
Campbell Wallace – Second Chance
Carrie’s Collection
Celestial Treasure
Central Wellness Yoga Studio
Chesterfield Amethyst
Claryn Nicholas Health & Wellness
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Darren Stanton – Body Language
Divine I – Astrology
Emma Gowshall Animal Communication
Emperor Training Solutions Ltd
Egyptian Treasures
Ethical Organiser
Ethically Gifted
Exploring Past Lives by Jane Osborne
Feel Better Fast – John Richardson
Hawk’s House
Healing Hands – Glennis Martin
Health, Wealth & Happiness
India Jo
Innerlight Hypnosis
Janie Psychic
Jill Fraser Ear Candling
Journey Into Wholeness
JS Natural Therapies
Moonlit Pathways Books
Mystic Christine
Native American Traditions
Naturally Smart
Neal’s Yard Remedies
New Horizons
NW Counselling Hub
Organic Beauty Inside Out
P&G Underwood
Positive Resonance
Pure Holistics
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Rochell Gems
Rooted in Simplicity
Sanctuary Reflexology
Seraphina Jewellery
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
SJ Therapies – Colour Mirrors
Soul Sisters
Spiritual Creations
Spiritual Healing – Gill Moore
Spiritual Sat Nav by Noel Hogan
Stephanie J King
Summer Rose
Sutton Healing Centre
Tai Chi and Ancient Chinese Arts
Tampara Seated Therapies
The Sean Barkes Clinic
Toxic Free Home
Tres Jolie
Tropic With Vic
Woodland Trust

This group of Community Members have every reason to be proud of their achievement this weekend.

See You Soon


  1. I won’t be the last to say this performers cannot perform without the stage to perform on so thank you for giving me the platform to go out and do what I do, I really believe this is the start of great things to come.

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