Overview: The comments in this article evidence the overall success of this event. However, It would be damaging to integrity if the focus is entirely on the merits of the weekend.

Readers should accept when writing reviews the organiser has the temptation to ignore problems and drawbacks. In tomorrows article more severe issues will be addressed. Today this writer will consider the show from observation and conversations with Visitors and Community Members. It is written in a blended style so as the reader gains a ‘feeling’ for the show, similar to watching a tennis match. For obvious reasons the focus of attention for questions was about the two areas of the show: Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body. If the Visitors did not like this formula, there would be a significant rethink ahead.

During a conversation I was surprised to hear another point of view; I asked – ‘Have you visited both halls?’ the reply was insightful – ‘There are not two halls! Your event is one building divided by an eating area and reception’. Other’s had similar ideas about the layout. Incidentally, every Visitor spoken to confirmed they ventured into both sides of the show.

Listen to a visitors comment about The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

We should consider from their perspective Community Members only see the event from their respective areas. During refreshment breaks et cetera we cannot see the full ebb and flow of the floor. And from the perspective of anyone at the extreme ends of the whole building, it would be easy to believe they were in a ‘quieter’ part of the show. The central area (including) the food area and reception was always busy.

It is also difficult to know how many people are attending talks and workshops. I am very conscious of this while writing this part of the review. There is little doubt the ‘Spirit’ area of the show encouraged people to dwell for longer times. As I watched this aspect throughout the weekend, I am certain this was irrelevant to the ‘flow’ of the footfall.

When asking visitors for their opinion about the floor plan many suggest that it did not make any difference where Community Members were situated. I was acutely aware of this aspect of the event as we encountered a problem with an ‘exhibitor’ who seemed to know more about show layout than our sixteen years of attending them. So, I asked Visitors for their opinion. I asked ‘What draws you to a particular Community Member?’ Almost everyone used the words ‘drawn to’ or ‘intuition’ – I asked ‘Does position of the stall influence who you decide to buy from, or have therapy with?’ Most thought the question irrelevant. 

I’m under no illusion the show did not work for every Community Member: indeed one exhibitor left the show on Saturday, and I’ll be writing about this in tomorrows article. There are some who will deem the show failure, never to return, their viewpoints understood. Even so, we still consider them Community Members, and they can enjoy the benefits of LizianEvents News and our social platforms. The vast majority of Community Members interviewed deem the show as reasonably profitable and has great promise and potential.

The Visitor’s Perspective:

Liz, Sue, Jon and myself encountered only praise, support and recognition for The Community success. Time and again, people who know me due to my years of exhibiting at the shows spoke to me about their experience. Visitors loved the variation and the quality of the goods and products on sale. Visitors enjoyed the demonstrations and talks. Visitors commented on the quality of the food. Let’s address each of these in turn.

Another Visitors Comments

We choose to limit the number of each type of stall: this means each Community Member has a better chance of success. I asked Visitors if they would like to see other vendors, an increase in allocation or was there anything lacking? Most felt the blend worked well. Some felt while there is an adequate choice and enough variation of goods to satisfy a weekend visit, the show could stand more Community Members.

I asked about the talks: All enjoyed the talks they attended: Most commented there were overlaps and choosing between two concurrent talks could be difficult. The workshops were well received by the people I spoke to who attended. There is no doubt the talks are a significant draw for Visitors. In fact, as I talked to them as they enjoyed a drink in the refreshment area, many were waiting for the talks start.

The Demonstrations were an overwhelming success. The Yoga and Tai Chi were loved by everyone who watched. There is no doubting we’ll be asking Grace and Don to return in the future.

A Community Member did have an issue with an aspect of the catering. No visitors reviewed had concerns about the quality of the food or the content of the menu. There is no objective way to assess prices of food and drinks at venues. My feeling is the prices were average for this type of show.

A few of The Community have mixed feelings about their position on the floor plan, and I’ll be addressing this tomorrow. We have a way to go before the show is razor sharp. Although, the event will leave a good memory in the minds of every visitor. 

In certainty, The Visitors loved the first Lincolnshire Well Being Show, and this means The Community fulfilled their commitment and made the show a stunning success. 

Well Done Community

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  1. As usual an honest and balanced assessment of what was a great weekend, without reading tomorrow’s piece the biggest lesson that me everybody the community can learn is that there is a framework a method of operation behind all decisions that are being made. Table placement positioning etc are irrelevant, we as the community need to get behind this, every “new” type of event will have teething issues but we the community have a clear set of guidelines so let us get behind one another and push this opportunity to greater heights. I constantly review my own progress and the secret I feel is to utilise what you have and pick the brains of those that have done it (Liz Ian the community), action shapes destiny so the more people that share our work, promote it , communicate effectively (even the perceived problems),the bigger this will get, think of it this way each person actively promotes more people start to show interest, more people start to attend, more people attend more potential profit and more potential well beings simples isn’t it. As usual just my thoughts. .

  2. To fail is to never try at all and you can’t say you didn’t put your ALL into it, there is much behind the scene work to be done before the day, turning up is not enough. Working on the teething issues of the event will only form a more streamline and effect show next year. It is only going to get bigger and better.

    I paid for a platform and received many emails and telephone calls after the event, awareness is what it is about. It has also given me time to look at what I can achieve to help myself for next year. Things don’t happen overnight.

    Awareness of the event will increase, the customers loved the variety, it is now up to us to support each other and look at how we work and promote to keep the momentum up.

    So onwards and upwards and well done.

  3. As usual an honest and unbiased account of the weekends event warts and all just what we have come to expect from Lizian Events team thank you both

  4. An honest -part 2- review (As always with Ian Timothy!) of Lincolnshire FIRST Well Being event. I totally agree with Emma Gowshall: on top of the need for us to promote our individual stand & the show well in advance, it is important & useful for each one of us exhibitors, to find out MORE about our Community colleagues’ work & specialities. It then enables each of us to share better & SINCERELY ‘like’ the ones we tick , with a pertinent personal comment… instead of just a ‘run of the mill’ automated sharing- It makes the sharing more genuine, as the public will pay more attention to what we say about those colleagues, than bother counting the ‘likes’.

    Indeed, LIZIAN offers us all a great platform, created by Liz & Ian’s constant sheer hard work, great knowledge of media power & marketing, utter dedication ,FAIRNESS to all of us and honesty!
    They ‘pull their weight’ non-stop, are not afraid of tackling even heavier loads each time if judged necessary- all that IN OUR INTEREST!

    I am delighted, proud & honoured to be part of our warm LIZIAN community!

    So it’s only right & fair we keep our side of the bargain and promote everyone, as well as ourselves… as, that way, we ATTRACT MORE VISITORS, i.e. more likelihood to have our individual stand looked at.

    People walk round and round- So ‘WHERE’ you are placed does not make any difference.
    WHAT you the exhibitor offer and HOW you offer it- and your honesty – are what matters & makes you shine or ‘darkens’ you…
    ‘Chinese whispers’ zoom round quickly if any exhibitor is NOT UP TO what they pretend to be!!
    No visitor likes to feel ‘conned’…

    Lizian understands that stagnation & rehash of old ways do not get anyone anywhere!
    PROGRESS is taking one or more step forward- and testing new angles.
    One does not make ‘errors’ when one tries one’s best in new adventures: one encounters ‘learning curves’, experiences one may choose not to repeat, if they were not as satisfactory as hoped for.
    And all that creates the climb to constant PROGRESS and exciting times.

    Liz & Ian and us exhibitors, form the LIZIAN Community. And we are constantly rising and rising…
    It’s UP TO US to make the whole country know we exist… and we’ll woe and DAZZLE them! 🙂 xx

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