All who were part of last weekends Newark Well Being Show witnessed a landmark in our evolution. Every Community Member who has invested their time, resources and faith in The Well Being Shows is now beginning to reap a golden harvest of success.

Thank you to all of the following Community Members you should be proud of your achievements made this weekend.

A Jewel Shining Through
Alchemy Products
Alison Dean
Aura Fusion
Aura Soma
Barrie John
Brigitte Rix
Campbell Wallace
Celestial Treasure
Crystal Carols
Jurga Proudlove – doTERRA
Elizabeth Stead
Emma Gowshall
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast
Glennis Martin
Health, Wealth & Happiness
Heather Wood
Hermit Lodge
India Jo
Inner light Hypnosis
Jane Osborne
Jill Fraser
Journey Into Wholeness
Julie Elizabeth
Moonlit Pathways
New Horizons
Pam Shield
Pink Moods
Positive Resonance
Pure Holistics
Rick Paul
Sams Rings N Things
Sanctuary Reflexology
Shirley Ann
Simon Goodfellow
SJ Therapies
Soulful Creations
Soul Sisters
Stamford Holistics
Stephanie J King
Stop Happy
Sutton Healing Centre
Tres Jolie
Tropic With Vic
Wilderness Holistics
Woodland Trust

Of course, we must not forget the two kingpins of the organisation Sue and Jon

We already know the Visitors gave the show fantastic feedback and approval. The comments made by those as they were leaving were all positive. I did not receive one complaint. Asked if they would consider Lincoln? The majority said “Yes” – The overwhelming reason given not to attend Lincolnshire Well Being Show was transport. We cannot do anything about this unless we set up a car share on one of the pages: I will look into this possibility.

The talks were a resounding success and well attended. The forty-five minutes allocated to each talk has merit, and no one complained about the reasonably fast turn-a-round. All Community Members who spent the time to polish their speeches should congratulate themselves on a job well done.

The ‘full’ venue exuded great vibes, and this always works to keep our Visitors happy and interested. It is interesting that ALL Community Members were interactive with Visitors, I saw smiles and conversations throughout of the weekend. Yes, there were a few quiet interludes. However, there were no vacant or silent periods; the show was lively and vibrant.

You already know from the previous article, there were two words I kept hearing over the weekend. Vibes and Atmosphere. Visitors felt the great vibrations generated by those working on a spiritual level. And the retailers and traders who gave the show a real grounded atmosphere. The combination gave the weekend a real buzz.

One aspect which ‘proves’ the sentiment of the last paragraph: is we have had SEVEN new Community Members join us THIS weekend. We will welcome them at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. How could we have anticipated this twelve months ago: When forty Community Members came together to become lamplighters to the future? The organisation did not gain these new Community Members: New people came to the show, saw and met with The Community, and chose to become members. The Community achieved this: you have activated the process, nothing can stop you, nothing.

What about attendance?

Saturday 314
Sunday 312
Which gives a fantastic total of 616

Remember we do not count returning visitors

We hit the thirty per cent increase marker, this is an important pointer to the future. Once we enter the realms 30% increases on previous shows we can grow the attendant figures to a stable and sustainable level (we have a target number which is 1000). Of course: The Community MUST be part of the future promotions. Although, what has been achieved over the weekend may well drive all Community Members to step-up their contribution to promoting the shows.

We can only imagine the future as continuing to grow in both Visitors attending and new Community: And as we gain the NEW Community members who wish to be part of the shows: OUR Well Being Shows will become prosperous for all involved. The Attending Community at The September 2018 Newark Well Being Show has inspired others to become part of their Community. In effect, the Well Being Shows have now become ALIVE and growing by the efforts and investment of The Community.

We will continue to reinvest all profits into achieving future objectives: If we are to follow the desires of Visitors and Community for additional Well Being Shows on the calendar. It is essential to continually promote the shows and look for new areas of interest to gain new followers. We know that this weekend The Community have demonstrated the ability to fulfil their part in impressing the many Visitors to OUR Well Being Show.

From our perspective as organisers, there are some areas which need polishing. I need to step up the visibility of future events to our Visitors, encourage more people to write articles for LEN. I need to connect more health professionals to the shows. These will be an area of focus over the coming months.

I recorded many interviews and captured hundreds of images over the weekend, and these will give us plenty of media to use between now and The October Nottingham Trowell and The November Lincolnshire Well Being Show. I feel sure we have sufficient media for future announcements. Do not forget everything we do to connect The Community with our Visitors. We cannot let the momentum slow for one minute.

Just a FEW images:

The Community must be proud of their achievements this weekend. The presentation of your stalls, the connections to Visitors was terrific. YOU worked together toward the future.

You are beginning to see the future, you are setting the seeds for the future, you have the future within your actions and abilities.

From Liz and my viewpoint, we will continue to provide the platforms for you to work from, take your future in your hands and sculpture your future.

Well done for your magnificent efforts

I & L

See You Soon


  1. I can only say:What a brilliant buzzzzzing, vibrating Newark WELL BEING Show last weekend!

    I was delighted that my talk attracted numerous attendees who said they were intrigued by & very interested in what I was sharing …
    Same exciting situation at my stand, where I was happy to be able to help scores of Visitors to discover how they can improve their Well Being, by using their Mind as a creative power physically & emotionally, and understanding the facets of themselves as Beings of Energy.

    Our Lizian​ Events have indeed a brilliant meteoric future ahead…

    THANK YOU dear Visitors. Well done to Our Community Members!

    And GREAT Thanks to Liz , Ian and Team for providing us with this constantly creative platform!
    No stagnation: instead your hard work offer us a continuously positive rise, adding more great, encouraging ideas as we move forward to an even sunnier future.
    We and our Lizian Events ARE indeed THE Well Being Shows.
    So, I am sending a warm welcome to our Seven New Community Members and look forward to hopefully seeing them at Lincoln 🙂 xx

  2. Excellent weekend, lots to process met some truly wonderful people whether they be community members, promoters or clients. Even had a few people turn up to my demo, what more could I ask for. Thank you to Liz and Ian, onwards and upwards.

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