It is late – It has been a long day.

Newark - September - One
Newark – September – One

The question is how did the show go?

The answer: “Nothing other than Brilliant.”

Community Members have worked with the Visitors, and they have fulfilled their objectives.

Visitor feedback is superb:

“Best Show in Years”
“Amazing what everyone has done”
“What an Atmosphere.”
“The vibes are amazing”
“Cannot remember a better show”
“Talks were fantastic”
“I get the idea of community”
“I’m coming back tomorrow.”
“See you at Lincoln.”
“Didn’t know what to expect – What a fabulous day.”
“First time back for four years – better than ever.”
“Best show I can ever remember.”

Newark - September - Two
Newark – September – Two

Well done to every one of The Community: You were fantastic today: All of your work, dedication, commitment and investments are now paying dividends:

See You Tomorrow:


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