The Community excelled this weekend. Who would have believed that a small festival hall on the outskirts of Nottingham could have attracted nearly five hundred people to enjoy the  Well Being Show?

The Community achieved an amazing Visitor attendance:

427 total Visitors – Not including two-day attendees: this is an increase of 150 Visitors over the weekend!  

The pictures tell the story and the rainbow as we finished was a wonderful recognition for the success of the show:

Every one of The Community must be proud of their achievements this weekend: You were incredible and there is no doubt you have left a lasting memory in the minds of everyone who came to the Nottingham Trowell Well Being Show this weekend.

The Role of Honour

Alchemy Products
Angela Barker – Tarot
Campbell Wallace
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Divine I – Astrology
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Health, Wealth & Happiness
Inner light Hypnosis
Jeaneil Therapies
JS Natural Therapies
Lizian Crystal Shop
Magic and Mayhem
Moonlit Pathways
Natures Workshop
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Soul Sisters
Sutton Healing Centre
The Witch’s Heart
Woodland Trust

You were brilliant: Every single one of you: Thank You for supporting this growing and influential community.

See You Soon


  1. A fantastic number of Visitors at a smaller show! Thank you for visiting us!
    Well Done Liz Lizian​ Community of exhibitors! You’ve proved it can be done!
    So, imagine how FABULOUS LINCOLN 3-4 Nov. will be, with twice or more tempting stands & 2 whole days of fascinating & varied TALKS!
    Visitors , please come & discover what we’ll offer you to help you feel better, all over 🙂
    I’ll have my stand & talk to help & support you too. See you soon!
    ( Please check my www. i talk with spirits . com ) x
    Brigitte ‘The Afterlife French Lady’

  2. Incredible weekend and as I said on other threads Sunday especially, blew me away a very busy weekend and I think we can all agree the more we get together on this the more we get behind it as one the bigger the results are going to be. Well done to everybody concerned.

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