No thanks! It is The Community’s Show: During the Nottingham Well Being Show, a local shop trader entered the show with the intention to distribute flyers. Without the courtesy of asking the individual chose to accost Visitors and hand out the propaganda.

Community Members are aware of our policy on people promoting shows and business at our Well Being Shows: It is zero tolerance. I’ll explain the reasons in a couple of paragraphs. Before doing so, let us review what happened on Sunday:

The poacher walked the floor and offered flyers to Visitors. At one stand a Visitor was looking at crystals. The poacher connected to our Visitor and comments:

‘Don’t buy these goods from here you can buy them from me cheaper and locally’ she said to a visitor. The problem for the infiltrator is she gave the flyer to a member of our family!

Poaching is an unethical and unfair practice:


We have made a significant commitment to promoting our shows. Jon and Liz travel around Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire twice each week to heighten the awareness of our Well Being Shows. We promote and boost our posts on Facebook. The Facebook fees alone are exceeding 1000 this year. Our postal promotion cost is 1650 this year: A conservative estimate puts the promotion budget for 2018 at nine thousand five hundred pounds. Yes, read that again, nine thousand five hundred pounds. And we will increase the commitment during 2019. We intend to be relentless in our promotion of the Show calendar and gain greater public awareness of The Well Being Shows.

Our continuous promotion of The Well Being Shows via LEN is an expensive exercise. And we are happy to commit: indeed it is part of our marketing plan. The objective is to give The Community the best possible opportunity to prosper during the Well Being Shows. We are not here for the short term: We are here to promote a credible alternative to old-style shows which will inspire new Visitors and differing Community Members. We are under NO illusion that the objective will be hard earned.

If anyone believes they can enter The Community’s trading platform and take advantage of our efforts, they are seriously misguided.  The point is The Community pay for the venues and our efforts through their stall fees. The Community trust us to invest in their future. The whole dynamic of our organisation, is, as already written ‘A credible alternative to old-style shows which will inspire new Visitors and differing Community’ And for us to achieve this objective, we all have to make investments in our future. 

The reason we have this policy is:

We protect The Community’s investments. 

Read the statement made by the poacher again:

‘Don’t buy these goods from here you can buy them from me cheaper and locally.’

Yes: This could be true. However, my comment is, the poacher still had to enter our Well Being Show, to find the customers to sell the cheaper goods. The poacher had to use The Community’s investment in their shows to poach trade.

In Liz’s words: “We will not have this occur at The Community’s Well Being Shows”.

No one will trade at our shows unless they are a Member of The Community. They will never be allowed to damage the potential of attending Community to cover their stand fees. 

See You Soon


    • They know who they are and so do the majority of The Community. Liz and I will not allow poaching to occur during The Well Being Shows. Many thanks, for your support Gary. Ian

  1. Shocking indeed!

    ‘They’ will know who they are, but are you sure they read this LENews?

    If not , they will not know that you revealed their unethical and insulting behaviour to other members of the Community who could not attend the Nottingham show.
    Pity… They need to know we all back you Liz, Ian and the rest of the community. We are All for One and One for All.
    So?…Grrrr….Watch out potential poachers!
    Our eagle eyes will soon spot you and hound you out without any mercy! Run for your life with your pathetic tails between your pitiful legs…

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