In seven days time, we will be preparing for the last Well Being Show of the year. The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. It is destined to be a superb event. With an anticipated one hundred Community Members attending.

We have thirty-eight talks and two workshops for Visitors to enjoy over the weekend. The talks list is undergoing slight changes so it will not be released until 29 October.

Of particular interest is the two workshops. Both have an incredible ethos behind them. Darren Stanton’s workshop is a two-hour presentation titled ‘Two Advantages’ it is the presentation he gives to corporate and establishment clients. His presentation is usually charged at five-thousand pounds per day. This one is offered at a price which covers room and Darren’s daily overhead cost of twenty pounds.

John Richardson’s workshop is a superb weight loss presentation based around the established hypnotic band system. John has perfected the system over the last five years in his Yorkshire based clinic. He has achieved amazing and consistent results with this method. Clients have enjoyed substantial weight loss using this simple process. John tells me once the weight is lost: it stays off! If you desire to lose weight: You are recommend to consider this brilliant opportunity: And the cost? This weight loss seminar is only thirty pounds.

Both Darren and John feel when one is successful it is important to give something which can help people change their lives for the better. Therefore the two workshops are presented for the cost of the room and in John’s case the cd and book.

Liz and Jon continue to venture out to Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire this week. On Tuesday visited The Epic Centre to make final preparations for the Well Being Show. We learned that the talk rooms had been updated and all now have audio-visual facilities. The kid’s play area is also organised: we are ticking all the boxes.

The headways of The Community is being noticed. In fact: as Ebru and Mark said to me this morning ‘There cannot be a better organiser, and there has never been a better time to join The Community’ who am I to disagree?

Every article next week is focussed on The Lincoln Well Being Show. To all Community Members if you want the show to thrive share as much as possible love the coming week. We are at a crossroads with the promotion situation: we have fulfilled every obligation. It is now time for you to meet the agreement you make when you become a Member of The Community. Share the articles you see next week and watch LizianEvents Group and share the posts you see. Whatever happens next weekend 3 and 4 of November is in your hands.

See You Soon

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