We are coming to the final part of 2018. What a successful year for The Community’s success. There is an update to LEN scheduled for 14th of January, and this will tie in with an announcement about an additional two shows and a new show format for 2020.

From Monday until the 14th we will repost the most popular submissions from Community Members. On the 14th the most successful submission from the last twenty months will be re-published.

While reviewing these essays and articles, I’m reminded what an incredible group of people make up The Community. The diversity, depth and breadth of the submissions are amazing. No doubt our Visitors will enjoy the lessons, ideas, thoughts and stories.

Who do you think will have the highest number of reads? Only time will tell. Of course, the accumulation of ‘hits’ is dependant on the date since publication. An article published in July 2017; will be searched for more often due to the timescale.

I have chosen to ignore this factor. Because the daily readership in July 2017 was around 35, this month, readership has averaged 205 (slightly down from when the shows are active). So I feel we will have a fair idea of the most popular submissions.

So who will have the top spot on 14th January 2019? Here are some of the contenders:

Brigitte Rix
Darren Stanton
Dale Bannister
Heather Pedley
John Richardson
Rose Best
Di Wall
Peter Wall
Eliza Hodge
Jurga Proudlove
Barrie John
Rick Paul
Jane Osbourne

Incidentally: The top number of comments on posts is a close run race who do you think is the winner?

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See You Soon

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