Sunday Countdown To Rest – For many people today is the beginning of the holiday. Some of our friends finished work on Friday and are lucky enough to be returning in the new year. Sadly this is becoming a rarer situation, working hours are extending and holidays shorten. Taking advantage of the free time available is essential. 

Time: one of the most important facets of life, the clock ticks, days turn to weeks, to months, years. Every moment is precious, and all of us look back and think about the moments wasted.

This makes me more than aware of the commitment made by Community Members during the year. A weekend event begins on Friday and concludes on Monday. And there is every possibility that customers and clients will be connecting long after the event is over. Once the commitment begins, it has to continue, or everything gained (no matter how small a contribution) will be lost.

Community Members make great material investments to gain a foothold on the mountain of success. Gaining support is not an easy task, each customer and client is a result of long-term commitment.

The first years are difficult, with the immense effort needed to mould the businesses success. Sourcing stock, designing the stall and internet site is a fraction of the reality. The beginning can be accompanied with setbacks. And doubt can become an unwelcome companion. With so much commitment, if progress is slower than anticipated is it any wonder focus is lost?

Few successful business people have escaped these difficult early moments. We have all entered blind ally’s and taken risks. There is often need to subsidise the venture. And the subsidy is difficult to regain, future profit and prestige of accomplishments is payback for the investment.

I am aware of the commitments made by Community Members. I understand the dedication given to the success of their Well Being Shows. Everyone can be assured of continued investment in the future of The Community and their Shows.

There will be a few cynics who dismiss our ethic and plans for the future as an illusion. A minority cannot damage the organisation’s architecture. Anyone with open eyes and an open mind can see the evidence of our integrity and ethos. A cynic thinks illusions are reality: Reality proves their pipe dreams false.

LizianEvents News (LEN) (which now contains five-hundred and eighty daily articles) connects Community Members to clients. No doubt LEN generates trade for those who use and contribute to the everyday items. Readers come to this site and tap through the pages. While reading the pages, they meet Community Members and learn about their work. The loyalty to LEN is due to the original plan designed with openness, clarity and ethos. 

Commitment to Community success will not waiver. During the next twelve months, Members will see a higher degree of promotion. Visitors will be guided to LEN through emails and higher visibility during The Well Being Shows. You can be sure our relentless dedication to fulfilling the objective of well attended and respected Well Being Shows will continue. 

When we see the endeavours of The Community. When we look at the material commitment and giving of the most valuable possession ’Time’. We know our commitment is worthwhile and reinforces our belief in The Community.

On Saturday (22.12.18) Ian spoke to Kenneth and Julie Watson. They have dedicated Visitors to The Well Being Shows. He asked them for an assessment of the 2018 events. The reply is the seed of this article. “You can sense the dedication while visiting the shows. To see the show’s growth and feel the atmosphere is the only answer you need.”

The Community achieved the reply. Well done to all of you. Thank’s to you the readers for the success of LEN. There could be no better gift than the recognition of your efforts and commitment, which at times asked you to go ‘The extra mile’.

Happy Christmas


Liz Clark

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  1. With my job I am not entirely sure how much time I have off before the phone rings again but the luxury that it gives me is time to catch up with reading articles, writing a few words and continue promoting both myself, others and Lizian events. However you spend your time I hope it is peaceful for you all, best wishes for the season, much love and light Rick.

  2. A breather from shows – but I too have no ‘day off’ online either, as I keep receiving emails asking for spiritual advice, or thanking me for my channelled books, as those people say the enlightening information provided helped them lose their fear of death.
    That makes it all worthwhile!
    Looking forward to 2019 and working alongside all of you ! xx

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