Monday Morning Show Review: Full Review Tomorrow

The role of Honour: 

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness
A Jewel Shining Through
Barrie John Medium
doTerra – Jurga Proudlove
Elemental Balance
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
The Gut Health Hub
JS Natural Therapies
Moonlit Pathways Books
Natures Workshop
North Star Crystals
Notts Reiki & Meditation
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Stephanie J King
Sutton Healing Centre
Tampara Seated Therapies
Through the Looking Glass
The Witch’s Heart
Tropic Skincare
Woodland Trust

Thirty-one brilliant Community Members. The feedback from your Visitors was and still is astounding. The depth and breadth of Visitor comments covered every one of you. Your talks enlightened and enriched Visitors weekend. As you know, many returned for the whole weekend. 

What you have achieved at a small village hall is incredible. People travelled from Bedford, Solihull, Leeds and Grimsby to experience the show. Some of the larger shows do not achieve this allocate. The reach is extending, and you are leaving long-lasting memories in the minds of Visitors. 

Visitor Numbers:

Saturday – 307
Sunday   – 199
Total       – 506!

Yes, the numbers have increased again by over 150 Vistors!

Many are going to Newark. This support is heartening news. It evidences people have a thirst for the show format and The Community. Be assured the dedication to the promotion and establishing public awareness of The Community will not slow down. We are 150% dedicated to the advancement of ALL shows and events we organise.


  1. Purely for my own curiosity, is that a 150 increase in visitors compared to the last Trowell Show (October 2108) or compared to the same show last year Jan 2018?

    • It is Dale. As you know we do NOT count returning Visitors. Everyone in attending Community would confirm the massive increase in footfall. In a recorded interview with Dave Harper, he talks about the attendance. You will be able to listen to his comments in an article to be published next week. We had 220 Eventbrite eTickets! We sold out of food by 14:00 on Saturday and 14:30 on Sunday. Yes, an amazing result by The Community on this one Dale. See You Soon

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