A short article this morning. We are putting the final touches to the Newark Well Being Show this week. And what a week it will be for this organisation and The Community. We have pushed the promotion of this show with twice-weekly promotions with a fifteen-mile radius of the Newark Show Ground, daily Instagram and Facebook posts.

I’m taking a chance with email circulars this week, and for the first time, we will email out to our list every day. Mailouts of the intensity can cause agitation with a few recipients. Please forgive me if you think I’m pushing out too many emails. It will only be for the week before the show.

On Thursday I will introduce you to the new Nottingham Show Venue and be prepared for a significant upward step. We are sure The Community will love the new venue and the endless possibilities it will provide for the future.

I will be making a video presentation this week to give you a full appraisal of The Nottingham Well Being Shows new home. There will also be another first as I introduce an essential aspect to the promotion and future of the event.

Of course, after this weekends Newark Well Being Show the new focus of attention will be on the July Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The floor layout is being changed to answer the needs of Visitors, and the talk schedule is being extended. 

LEN is gaining in readership. You may find it interesting our media reach is now twenty-two thousand people each month. With new daily posts and a movement from the majority of self-written articles to submissions and reports from outside sources. We are in a position to attract new and more diverse members of The Community. This means the readership will grow and The Community will thrive.

 It is still a pity many Community Members do not share the articles and posts to their pages. Today’s ways to success are interaction and persistence. Anyone who thinks, going it alone will bring results will sooner or later hit a wall. Today success is the result of cooperation and sharing. The Well Being Shows will grow and prosper. We will continue to push the ethos of the shows, and it’s spiritual foundations.

We will continue to work to build an influential community. We will give The Community and Visitors superb venues and expand the reasons for Visitors to arrive at the door of our events.

See You Soon

Liz Clark


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