Newark Well Being Show
16 – 17 February 2019
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Showground
NG24 2NY

52+ Community Members

We choose to list the Attending Community during the show week. Although there is extensive information on the internet for visitors to find out about the show, talks and attending Community Members.

We tested a format prior to the Nottingham Well Being Show. When asked Vistors said they had seen the new format, and they enjoyed reading the information: We also received many thanks from Community Members for the way the Community Members were introduced were introduced to Vistors.

The Format is different because it is written from our opinion and the thoughts of interviewed Vistors. This will be the format used for all future events. Visitors like it because there is no bias. The introduction is independent of The Community Member.

The list is in alphabetical order – There are fifty-two attending Members for this show. Each article this week will review ten or eleven Members:

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness

Sue and Christina will be presenting the World Class range of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products. It is no surprise the brand is numbering in the World the quality and back-up are second to none. Forever Living offers brilliant opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for a second or full-time income. Talk to either Sue or Christina about the products and franchise this weekend.

A Jewel Shining Through

Julie Williamson has a heart of gold. And an inner strength which will be admired by all who meet her. She is on a mission of awareness, helping people to understand the many aspects of mental wellbeing. Julie makes beautiful items using crystals with a focus on healing and soothing our minds issues.

Alison Dean

Alison has been a Community Member for over a year. The first thing you’ll notice when approaching her stand is one hundred and one per cent presentation. And this is a reflection on her approach to her work. Alison takes time to connect to her clients. Because of this, she is renowned for the empathy of her consultations. When talking to Visitors who have enjoyed a reading with Alison the feedback is always superb.

Aura Fusion

If your desire is for an Aura photograph talk to Angela and Nigel. They have tens of years of experience in aura photography. Aura Fusion is the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. They aim to give everyone the opportunity to see their aura. They also are dedicated to spreading knowledge and understanding about the significance of the aura and its importance to us in our everyday lives. Not only will you enjoy a superb aura experience you will find a wealth of knowledge and understand as the meaning of the image is explained. Our recommendation is to have at least one aura image photograph each year. Therefore building an ongoing record of the changes to your aura and how you can reference your feelings at the time the image is taken.

Aura Soma

Robert and Debbie have demonstrated Aura-Soma products form many years. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of this World class product are second to none. AuraSoma has an excellent reputation in the world of alternative therapies. The range of colour correspondence bottles and sprays is extensive and covers many aspects of spiritual and day to day issues. The process is simple: the client is asked to choose a container which contains two layers of colour. From the selection, the Aura Soma consultant analyses the choice. The consultant them advises on the vital colour essence to help the client.

Alchemy Products

Visitors must spend time with Dale and Tracey at the Alchemy Products stall. One of the best ways to assess a business is by talking to the owners. When talking to Dale or Tracey, you will discover their passion and dedication to their health supplements is fantastic. Visitors will learn about the history, uses and application of Magnesium, Black Seed Oil, Raw Honey and many other natural and established health products and supplements. Whatever your area of concern you will find an alternative and complimentary supplement which can help with your health at The Alchemy Products stall. Dale works diligently to source the finest and highest quality of supplements available. It is worth remembering Alchemy Products has an excellent website so you will not just purchase a ‘one-off’. And they are very nice people as well!

Barrie John Medium

Barrie is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums. He is often on television and contributes to radio shows offering a spiritual opinion, paranormal activity and opinions related to his work. Barrie runs Psychic Investigations at The National Justice Museum here in Nottingham. And is the number one medium for paranormal investigations in this country. Barrie has just returned from a short tour of Germany, and there is a European tour booked for this year.

His reputation for giving clear and precise consultations is without question. It is not possible to have twenty plus years of experience giving reading and platform demonstrations without providing spectacular messages for clients. No wonder the demand for his gifts is continuous and country-wide.

Visitors will discover he has time for everyone. Barrie is a credit to his profession and well loved by all who work with him. To be generous and kind is the sign of spiritual awareness. Enjoy your reading with Barrie this weekend.

The Balanced Reflex

Laura is new to The Community. Although we have a phenomenal reference to her ability! This is she trained with Glenys Underwood. We know how rigorously Glenys teaches her students. No one can pay to qualify with Glenys. The course is long, and there are exams at every stage of the training. Not only this, students have to have many hours of ‘hands-on’ sessions with clients. There is no doubt in my mind Laura will gain a substantial following of new clients during the shows. We are looking forward to Laura attending her first Newark Well Being Show.

Campbell Wallace

A shining star! Everyone knows Campbell for his kindness, generosity. However, Campbell is on a mission to help people understand the importance of becoming an organ donor. Six years ago Campbell’s life was saved after a double lung transplant operation. Campbell will talk about his experience, and as a Donor Transplant Ambassador, he’ll explain why being on the National Donor Registry is of real importance. His book ‘Second Chance’ is also available during the show.

Crystal Carols

A show is not a show without Crystal Carol Wallace. She has been involved in the crystal world for over two decades. Her knowledge of crystals and minerals is second to none. When visiting her stall, you will discover a superb range of crystals to purchase. However, Carol’s advise is also part of the sale! As Europe’s number on Melody Practitioner and trainer Carol can offer unique insights into the user’s of Mother Earth’s gifts.


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