As we evolve, there is a need to establish identity. The need is to be beyond other ideas of the concept of a wellbeing or lifestyle event. There is no doubting people follow our lead and almost map our ideas. Others have even taken to using our first V signature for Visitors. Yes! We influence.

Philip Underwood - Inspire - LizianEvents - Lizian Events
Philip Underwood – Inspires

LizianEvents Well Being Shows – Inspire

We provide a platform for Visitors and Community to thrive. The platform is the venue and promotion. The platform contains an event which is Visitor driven — driven to Inspire the Visitor.

The venues used have three attributes: Space – Good food – Large talk facilities and unlimited free parking. Visitors arrive, park, walk to the show and for five pounds enjoy a superb day of Well Being pleasure. No hidden parking fees or long walks to the venue. The Visitor is number one.

LizianEvents Well Being Shows – Inspire

Visitors are the focus of attention. Community Members have the platform; it is their own. We organise the event. Promote it every day, connect the Visitors to The Community and the Shows. As the shows grow the Visitor will not be able to listen to every presentation. So there are six shows, all within a sixty-mile radius. The three venues are easily accessible by road.

Six shows – Three venues. All connected and thriving – Hundreds of inspiring talks – Hundreds of Community Members attending and thousands of Visitors each year. Our shows inspire. The talks and presentations inspire. They Inspire people to become Well Beings.

During the year Visitors can enjoy watching hundreds of presentations. The Community Members who choose to talk at our shows can have their talks recorded. If Visitors wish to listen again and download the talks, they can do so, and this connects them 365 days a year the Community Members.

The Well Being Shows Inspire – They grow because of the true ethos of the organisation. The intent of our work is for Community Members to find success and Visitors to enjoy life, thrive and be happy.

We intend to promote The Well Being Shows and the Community every day of the year. We move and slightly adjust the format of the events to keep them fresh and exciting.

The keywords for this year are Friends – Family – Community – Happiness – Prosperity. These are the focal points of our work. The seeds of what The Community’s Well Being Shows will become. 

Invest In Your Future

We invest our life hours in the future of The Well Being Shows. Because we wish to see, The Community and Visitors thrive. Community and Visitors are part of a powerful and influential movement of Wisdom – Understanding and Knowledge. 

The show is never over for us; the door never closes, the light is never turned out. We intend to connect those who wish to inspire by those who can inspire. Visitors do not want course selling rhetoric or mystic scams. They ask for inspiration, conversation and open-minded thinking.

The focus is the Visitors and Community’s Well Being – Inspiration is the name of our journey – And everyone who cares about the future – The Planet and its people can join in the celebration of life. This is the future and where we take The Well Being Shows.

The Community – Inspire

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  1. An excellent piece.

    Event management is an imperfect alchemy, not a science. Organisers need to meet the needs and expectations of “the regulars”, and draw in new visitors to an established format, while anticipating, and reacting to , changing market trends, while not alienating the core audience, and still being recognisably a Well Being / MBS/ Lifestyle event.

    The 747 is the most successful large long haul airliner of all time, coming to the end of its life now. Airbus, with the A-330, anticipated that the future would be even larger, well appointed, planes. Boeing anticipated smaller, twin engine, more fuel efficient planes, the 787

    Any airline which opts to stick it out with what works now, the 747. Will soon have no planes to fly. The market has shifted from large expensive hub to hub flights to more frequent, smaller, more economic planes. Those airlines which went Being win, that went Airbus lose,

    The moral of this is that there is the right decision, the wrong decision, and no decision. Each one is a choice with consequences. But a choice does have to be made.

    I continue to be impressed by the courage of Lizian in not only endeavouring to meet the existing needs of the community, but also to anticipate them,

  2. Long live the inspirers, the difference makers, the people that help others believe in themselves , people who offer different perspectives and people who help others heal in a way that conventional thought doesn’t always do. Come along to any show and the recurrent theme is a collective of people that want you the consumer to be well- beings now that for me is truly inspirational.

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