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Claire’s top 10 tips to goal setting and goal achievement!

Do you set goals and either never quite get round to taking action with them OR you take lots of action and they never seem to happen? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find achieving goals easy and others seem to find it very difficult and loose their “mojo” easily? Do you start off with all the best intentions and then something seems to take you off track?
If you answer yes to any or maybe all of these questions, then please do read on for my top 10 tips of how you can start to change your approach to goal setting and goal achievement:
1 – are you writing down your goals? If you aren’t then I would recommend getting some form of a journal. The process of writing out our goals is very important in many ways and acts as a sign of a commitment and declaration to yourself which is then important to keep and of course, keeps you accountable and responsible for your goals and their achievement.
2 – do you set specific goals? Many people think that their goals are specific and then from a bit of questioning soon realise that they are not. Your Unconscious Mind, which is your mind of all behaviours, learning and change, is the mind that gets your goals for you and requires specific instructions, instructions that there can be only one interpretation for and that interpretation is the one you meant. Think about how we speak to small children and how “creative” they can be with what we say – your Unconscious Minds, thinks in a very similar way!
3 – do you set goals in all areas of life? This is really important to enable you to create balance, make sure you have goals in all areas of your personal and professional life.
4 – do you set goals that are for you? If you are setting goals that you feel are more for other people than for you then this will explain why you may find that you lose your mojo. Yes, it is of course, important to set goals that have a positive benefit to others and they also need to be goals that are for you and the benefit of you.
5 – do you set goals that get you REALLY excited? This is a key and very important aspect of successful goal achievement. What drives the motivation is when you have goals that fill you with positive feelings as this will keep you focused and taking action to get to the end result.
6 – are you being realistic with yourself? Setting realistic goals including time frames is also very important. With weight loss, as an example, people will say that they want to lose the weight quickly – understandably – and when someone strives for unrealistic time frames, they either go to extreme measures which aren’t sustainable and/or lose their focus and motivation because “it hasn’t happened yet”. Setting goals that are realistic for you in every sense, including the time frames that are realistic is imperative.
7 – do you have a big enough reason why? it is important to have big reasons WHY you want to achieve your goals as this drives you to make them happen AND also helps you stay focused on those days that just aren’t going to plan. We are all human and we all have days that may not go how we wished, so then remembering Why you are doing what you are doing, enables you to get yourself back on track, keeping the end result in mind.
8 – do you have a good support network? Having people around you who support your success is VERY important, be around supportive positive people and also let others support you in you achieving your goals and you support them too.
9 – do you keep taking feedback? Feedback is the key to being able to adapt your behaviours, if you are doing something and its working, keep doing it…if you are doing something and it isn’t working, do something different…”One of the definitions of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Einstien.
10 – are you celebrating your success and achievements? a lot of people strive for perfection and so even when they have achieved something that’s 80-90% right, they beat themselves up mentally over the bit that’s not right….while it is important to learn how to make the remaining 10-20% right, it’s also important to recognise your achievements. Remember that your Unconscious Mind thinks like a small child and we praise and encourage small children as they are learning and growing, remember to do the same for your self too!
To find out more about goal setting and achievement and get your own personal questions answered, please post here and also listen in to my radio shows weekly on Wednesdays 5-6pm.
Best Wishes
Claire Louise Hegarty
Health and Lifestyle Expert

Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy ®, Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy and Certified Trainer of NLP Coaching

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