I know before I even tap in the names there will be people missing from the sharing list. If your name is not here forgive me. Please do not think you are not thanked for your contribution.

Sharing is caring, and the likes and shares make a real difference to our work and the future of the Well Being Shows. Every interaction counts and makes a difference. The reach of LizianEvents News is averaging 8000 visits each month, and this is growing.

If you use LEN regularly, you will attain some recognition. Ian informs there are three independent submissions this week. And reviews of two books: One written by John Richardson and the other by Richard Abbot.

We are amazed at the interest in Ian’s lifestyle articles. The first two articles received over 1000 hits, and this week’s report has enjoyed over three hundred ‘reads’ already. He is pleased with the enthusiastic encouragement for his decision to address his wellbeing.

Many Thanks, for the fantastic contributions to LEN: The sharing and caring is making a difference to the future and the awareness of OUR work.

The Roll of Honour

Clair Guichard
Kirstie Wood – Ethically Gifted
Barrie John
Shirley McEvoy
Peter Wall
Di Wall
Eliza Hodge – New Horizons & Jill Fraser
Campbell Wallace
Carol Wallace
Heather Wood
Heather Pedley
Helen Heffren – Little London Herbal Store
Rick Paul
Gill Moore
Michelle Durrant
Don and Carol Harradine
Claire Hegarty
Donny Wilson
John Richardson
Brigitte Rix
Jane Osbourne
Gary Longdon

See You Soon
Liz Clark

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