Two Endorsements of Aloe Vera Products – Some time ago I had a problem with my throat which resulted in an infection. And as many of you will know oral diseases can be a devil to overcome. I had tried numerous over the counter ‘cures’, and none helped. I should mention, that the infection was due to a problem with saliva glands and therefore anti-antibiotics had been used.

Sue Hickman is an aloe vera (Forever Living Products) specialist and Community Member. And during the show she asked me about my health. Inevitably the infection entered the conversation.

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Aloe Bright Tooth Gel

“Why don’t you try our aloe tooth gel? It has a good reputation for calming mouth and gum infections.” I confess to being a little doubtful, as this was an advanced infection which would only settle down after surgery.

“Take a tube of the tooth gel and see how you get on: Remember to give it a week or two before deciding if it helps. It seems expensive Ian, however, do not use more than a pea-size amount on your brush.”

Three weeks later I realised my gums had stopped bleeding and the soreness in my mouth had disappeared entirely. So, I decided to stop using the aloe tooth gel and see what happened. Sure enough, within a week my gums lost the healthy pink and soreness in my mouth had returned.

Back to the gel and a swift return to oral health. I had a few operations to sort the problem out. And after surgery, I used the aloe vera tooth gel on the same day. There were no adverse reactions. In certainty, for a few hours after brushing the area around the incision seemed calm and without discomfort.

I have continued to use the Forever Living Products ‘Forever Bright’ aloe vera tooth gel, and my dentist always comments on the health of my gums. This may not seem unusual for many people, but for many years I’d endured gum infections. In the years of using the gel, never once have I had a problem.

The gel may seem expensive until you work out how far a tube lasts. I usually buy three to four tubes each year from Sue. It works out at less 50p each week. Which is less than half a bottle of mineral water, so it is not expensive: And I no longer use mouth wash before going to bed.

No doubting Forever’s ‘Forever Bright’ Aloe Tooth Gel is a superb product, and I fully endorse the claims made by the company. Those of you who have concerns about fluoride have an additional bonus. This gel is fluoride-free.

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Forever Living Products Hand Sanitiser

The second product is also a daily companion. It is called ‘Forever Hand Sanitiser’. I use this every day. Many of us use a hand sanitiser, and I have tried many different brands. This product is very kind to the skin and smells (to my mind) divine.

Incidentally: the gel is beneficial for an emergency antiseptic. Forever Living Products do not make this suggestion. It is something which I have discovered as a bonus benefit. On two occasions the product has been used after a minor cut, and on both times the injury has healed exceptionally well.

We only get what we pay for and while the gel is a little expensive. It goes a long way; one bottle lasts for about a month.

Finally: You are guided to Sue and Christina’s fantastic website. The list of high-quality products available is impressive. We all recognise the value, quality and fantastic healing properties of aloe vera. It is this writers opinion; you’ll never go wrong with any product containing the extract of one of natures miracles.

I have no association with Forever Living Products, and this article is written without the prior knowledge of the company and Christine and Sue.

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