LizianEvents iTunes – The addition of an iTunes channel to our site is bound to be a unique attraction for Visitors. Do not underestimate the potential of this new addition to our promotional tools. iTunes is Worldwide and accessed by billions of people.

Our objective is to connect The Inspirational Well Being Shows to as many people as possible. And our efforts are beginning to work. Thousands of interactions on the media streams are evidence of success.

Liz’s Sunday thoughts attract over three hundred visitors. And last week the Vimeo channel achieved just short of two hundred full views. These figures are promising and will eventually make incredible headway into the success of The Community’s Inspirational Well Being Shows.


The Video provides fast insight into why Community Members who have their talks recorded to gain a permanent promotional asset. When the recording is discovered on iTunes: the link takes the listener to the original LEN article. The information about the Community Member is on the page: This includes a website, Facebook and other media streams (if the information is provided).

iTunes. LizianEvents
 Click The Picture Go To iTunes

My recording is made in the worse of recording environments: a large kitchen. It is made using the new equipment and software we’re using at The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Last year we experimented with radio lapel microphones. And while they provide superb quality, they are flawed with clothing movement. The choice is now to use a specialist set-up which brings the best in ease of use: and quality of sound. The quality listened to in this recording is far worse than what will be achieved during show presentations.


Final words:

I cannot overemphasise the benefits of having talks and presentations recorded. There is a real thirst for wisdom and knowledge. A well scripted and rehearsed presentation leaves the audience with a permanent memory. When a Community Member attends an Inspirational Well Being Show, they can take advantage of our 365 days a year promotions. The recordings are there for Visitors to enjoy and cherish.

For the next five days, Visitors to LEN can re-listen to some of the earlier recordings: and yes! They will become listed on our iTunes channel.

Click the links to iTunes: There may only be a few recording on the platform today: In future, the Visitors will enjoy a phenomenal archive of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

See You Soon

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