Today’s article focuses on Glenys Underwoods work. She trains and practices primarily in Reflexology at her Anahata Centre in Lincoln. Although, there many other therapies and courses available to clients and students at the centre. Glenys’s husband Philip is recognised as one of this countries foremost N.L.P trainers, attaining an enviable reputation in this field with many students entering into full-time private practice.

Glenys Underwood

The structure of any course is key to training although it is the teachers who get the most from the student. There is no doubting Glenys and Philip have formulated World Class Courses in both complementary therapy and advanced counselling. However, it is the teacher’s expertise which brings long-term success to the student. Glenys and Philip are renowned teachers, with a reputation for clarity and patience in the classroom and teaching seminars. How do I know this? Because I ask their past and present students.

The Interview:


During the interviewGlenys guides us to the fact potential students are helped and guided to make their own choice of course. We also learn that a commitment in time and effort is required from the students. Because it is Philip and Glenys’s opinion a certified qualification must represent excellent training and examinations. When The Anahata Centre name is at the top of the qualification certificate, you can be confident the practitioner has worked hard and dedicated many weeks of their time in training, study and practical experience to qualify.

The Anahata Centre Stand
The Anahata Centre Stand

The aim of this interview is for the listener to learn about Glenys’s methods and also provide an insight into this fascinating lady. Even though the interview is short (seven minutes), it fulfils the objective. The reader can visit The Anahata Centre’s comprehensive website for in-depth information.

I have known Glenys and Philip for some years, and I respect them for their integrity. Their dedication to the reputation of The Anahata Centre as a prestige place of learning is an extension of their character and personality. If you are considering a vocational qualification in Reflexology or N.L.P talk to either Glenys or Philip; Even though these are their specialist areas of expertise, they train students in other therapies.

Thank You, Glenys for giving me the opportunity in recording this interview. As always there is very little editing involved, I feel we make a better and more accurate record if the interview is left in its entirety.

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