Lincolnshire Well Being Show

Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

27 + 28 July 2019
100+ Community Members Attending
40 Superb FREE Talks
Live Stage Demonstrations

“Family and Friendship”

Family and Friendship are keys to The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. A major event accepted as an innovational winner. The concept can only grow and attain National recognition. The Lincolnshire Well Being Show is evolving into a unique family event. This year we are focused on “Family and Friendship”. Two words which will become a new addition to our banner slogan “Celebrate Life ~ Become a Well Being”.

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We will encourage new Community Members who have children’s and young adult goods, products and ideas to become part of this magnificent show. The Epic Centre is perfect for our evolution, with 300 acres of land and modern facilities few venues could meet the desired standard. Visitors are encouraged to bring their children to The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. We will provide projects and faciliies to keep their minds occupied.

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The Well Being Shows are accepted connections for people who wish to meet like-minded friends. This is an aspect we will expand upon during 2019. Never has there been a better time to demonstrate the power of friendship. There is too much negativity in everyday life, it is our desire to help people discover inner strength, happiness and become Well Beings. The enjoyment of life and finding ways to real and long-term happiness is the focus of The Well Being shows.

The idea of family extends beyond close relatives. A family is also a gathering of friends who share mutual respect and loyalty. And if there is a word to describe the Community and Visitors connection: it is ‘family’ there is an amazing amount of respect and loyalty growing at The Well Being Shows. Is this the reason the shows enjoy the unique and vibrant atmosphere? We have no doubt this unity is the power of The Well Being Shows.

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Using the information gathered during shows, we can make the adjustments needed to make them thrive. No doubt others copy our innovations: the fact is only LizianEvents organised shows are unified on a daily basis. This is a 365 day a year organisation connecting and unifying The Family of Visitors and Community.

Watch out for updates on this page. There is sure to be news and additions to interest all Visitors. The Community will make this an amazing show. One which will be at the forefront of feelgood events. See You There!

In the meantime read about this show’s progress and its evolution:

The 2018 Lincolnshire Well Being Shows were a resounding success. Visitors and Community Members acknowledged the shows were phenomenal events. Click the link and read the review:

☞ Link to Lincolnshire Show Review

The 2019 Lincolnshire Wellbeing Shows are guaranteed to attract many Visitors. The combination of Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body is bound to appeal to a wide range of people.

The concept is simply explained, The LizianEvents Community has grown to over one hundred and twenty members. Some are involved in aspects of spiritual awareness, and others are directed toward physical health.

Many potential Community Members approach us with their propositions. Yoga, vegan and vegetarian safe products, fitness, food supplements, specialist cosmetics, are six examples. In truth, many have been reticent to join The Community because of a suspicion the two aspects Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body would not work well together. The Epic Centre’s flexibility allows LizianEvents to overcome this constraint. This purpose-built exhibition venue, with ample facilities and unlimited parking, is ideal for our purpose. We know the exciting mix of Community Members and this superb venue has a unique appeal to a wide spectrum of Visitors.

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We have interviewed hundreds of Visitors during the events, and the enthusiasm for the concept is remarkable. Of course, there will be some whose main focus is in either Spirit or Body. Although, it is a safe bet most who attend to the show will not miss the opportunity to explore both aspects of the event.

The talks and workshop list is diverse, fresh and interesting. There is certain to be something for every Visitor: The Epic Centre has facilities for us to provide up to 40 talks: the show is growing in size, stature and recognition. Visitors will find the show to be vibrant and worthy of a weekend’s visit.

The entry fee is just £5-00 for this magical event: Pre-purchase the show tickets from Eventbrite from the link below:

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