The countdown begins – Four weeks to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and we will be listing attending Community Members on a daily basis. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience. See You There:


Aloe Vera  Store – Forever Living Products

Sue and Christina will be presenting the World Class range of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products. It is no surprise the brand is numbering in the World the quality and back-up are second to none. Forever Living offers brilliant opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for a second or full-time income. Talk to either Sue or Christina about the products and franchise this weekend.

A Jewel Shining Through

Julie Williamson has a heart of gold. And an inner strength which will be admired by all who meet her. She is on a mission of awareness, helping people to understand the many aspects of mental wellbeing. Julie makes beautiful items using crystals with a focus on healing and soothing our minds issues.

Alison Dean

Alison has been a Community Member for over a year. The first thing you’ll notice when approaching her stand is one hundred and one percent presentation. And this is a reflection on her approach to her work. Alison takes time to connect to her clients. Because of this, she is renowned for the empathy of her consultations. When talking to Visitors who have enjoyed a reading with Alison the feedback is always superb.

Angela Barker

We have known Angela for many years. She is a lovely lady with amazing talent. Angela first worked as a community Member at the Trowell Well Being Show and last year she attended the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. During the event, Angela read Tarot for many Visitors and was rewarded with five-star feedback. Angela’s readings are insightful, clear and accurate: no wonder she has such a loyal following.

Aura Fusion

If your desire is for an Aura photograph talk to Angela and Nigel. They have tens of years of experience in aura photography. Aura Fusion is the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. They aim to give everyone the opportunity to see their aura. They also are dedicated to spreading knowledge and understanding about the significance of the aura and its importance to us in our everyday lives. Not only will you enjoy a superb aura experience you will find a wealth of knowledge and understand as the meaning of the image is explained. Our recommendation is to have at least one aura image photograph each year. Therefore building an ongoing record of the changes to your aura and how you can reference your feelings at the time the image is taken.

Don’t forget there will be sixty brilliant talks and presentations and two stage areas. And this is a #childfriendly show with a well being related activity area.

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  1. SIXTY brilliant TALKS & presentations and two stage areas. it is a #childfriendly show with a WELL BEING related activity area. See, daily, who’ll be there ! (Spot MY stand & TALKS! 🙂

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