Too Late – The ways of the shows have changed, and many have followed our lead. Although, as we have seen, moving away from a central theme can be disastrous. Our Well Being Shows enjoy one identity: So, when choosing to attend our shows, Visitors know what to expect. No doubt, our identification is due to the continuous and precise promotional activity.

Over the last two years, numerous articles have followed the thread of promotion. We are relentless in making Visitors aware of the shows and objectives. I search the net to find an organisation similar to LizianEvents, and there is not one. Perhaps the distinct identity is our greatest asset. The central theme of The Well Being Shows is learning about all aspects of becoming Well Being.

This Community-based organisation is making headways. We are only a few years from the starting post there is plenty of work ahead. During the last year, we have seen a marked improvement in the sharing of information. Every share is, and each introduction is beneficial, we must not underestimate the importance of every atom of promotional awareness.

A Community Works Together

For many, there seems to be a hesitation to talk or write about the material aspects of The Community’s work. We cannot ‘hope’ or ‘trust’ success will be the result of good intention: continuous action is the only way to prosper. In every case of success, there is connection and communication. To connect means introduction, once the connection is established, we communicate the intention. In effect, working together for mutual success and prosperity is the intention. Why not be clear about this fact?

Now we begin to see the significant weight of evidence of The Community’s success. Yesterday we published the first confirmed Community list for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Eighty great Members, there is no doubt Visitors will enjoy a one hundred Community event at Lincolnshire. A fantastic aspect is when compiling the list all, but four who attended the Newark show will be at The Lincolnshire Show: a great testament to how The Community perceives the shows.

We have four weeks leading up to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and every day is to be focused on this event. Website’s updated daily, email promotions, the printing of show information and distribution of the remaining flyers and posters. Nothing will be left to chance or missed. As organisers, our responsibility is to those who invest their money in the shows. I’ll make the statement now; there is no way anyone can doubt our promotion of this or any of the Well Being Shows.

Believing the success of a show is automatic is foolhardy. Anyone who does not help themselves is awaiting nothing. Reread the last sentence: It means everyone attending a show must promote their work before the show. I would advise everyone to look at the immense efforts of Dave Harper, who manages promotion for Simon Goodfellow. Dave’s development of Simon’s work is relentless, and it is the only way.

The days of hiring a venue and hoping people will attend are well and truly over. The only way ahead is making connections and promotion. We are dedicated to those who place their faith in our ideas and identity. To connect Visitors to The Community is of paramount importance, this is why LEN, the dot com site and the iTunes podcast platforms are looked after with the greatest of care. Visitors love the format and ease of use and this is why they return daily. The information discovered on the sites is a constant reminder of the shows ahead and the work of The Community.

We will not waiver from this promotional path, we are here for the long distance and visibility is the way forward. We accept it takes years to build a reputation. And yes, there will be setbacks and those who do not like the methodology. However, it is impossible to please everyone. Our foundations are deep and secure; every penny of profit is placed in the future of the organisation. And the continuous reinvestment will reap a wonderful harvest in the future for all involved in The Inspirational Well Being Shows.

Community Members know I’m dedicated to on-going and persistent promotion. For those of you who do not know my reasoning, it is born of nearly two decades of working in the show environment. I am sure once a show slips, it is almost impossible to bring it back from the brink. Visitors, arrive, see a poor show and do not return. Figures slip because of primary reasons which will not be revealed in this article. However, here is an insight:

When preparing the latest show list during late June, it could have had one-hundred and twenty names on it; this is fact. To keep the Visitor/Community numbers balanced, we choose to give The Community a fair chance of success. Another ten readers, five crystal stalls, silver jewellery, five essential oil franchises, cosmetic and supplement products and fifteen therapists would make the extra forty and provided another five thousand pounds in income. To what end? You know the answer to the question.

Incidentally, we have a well balanced selection of twenty more Community to be confirmed, this will make for an attractive and exciting show for our precious Visitors. With four weeks to go and the talks scheduled to be announced, Visitors to can look forward to a superb show.

Anyone who is part of The Inspiring Lincolnshire Well Being Show should begin to promote it today. Because one thing is sure: If you have to tap your phone on the day in an attempt to get Visitors to your stall, it is too damn late.

☞The Lincolnshire Show List

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