Today’s article is a review of Craig Collinson’s Book “Improve Your Life”. A reviewer gains greater insight into a book if he meets the author. During the conversation, we discover a more profound impression of the mind behind the words. It is suggested you listen to the short interview made with Craig at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show (LWBS).

Craig Talks about his philosophy and book:

“Improve Your Life”

I’m sure Craig would have questioned the merit of publishing ‘another’ inspirational book in a world of self-help titles. After listening to the interview, we learn Craig is a well balanced and intelligent man. He made the right choice in deciding to write “Improve Your Life”.


The book grabs me in the first chapter: I’m an addicted journal writer. Anyone who spends time with me will see the notebook, pens and recording equipment. The first chapter is titled “Keep a Journal” and the information about journaling is worth the price of the book. Subjects covered in other sections are diverse as a critical voice, perspective, failure, communication, responsibility, and a firm favourite “Be A Daydream Believer”.

“Daydream Believer” reflects on two well-known anecdotes and the power of visualisation. The strategy fills eleven pages which will inspire someone new to alternative thinking and reminds established thinkers about the mind’s ability to manifest anything desired.

Using the word chapter is not accurate. Craig titles each one “Strategies”, and sure enough, the reader will learn how to adapt, negotiate or review different aspects of life journey. And of course, the reader will encounter similar suggestions. However, the ease of learning the strategies is well considered. Each strategy is broken down into subsections which are stand-alone lessons.

There are twenty-one strategies, and it is tempting to work through each one: this would be taking the review too far. The main reason I recorded the interview with Craig is to provide a more in-depth insight into the book and its author. I’m sure this is the right choice.

So, is this a book of strategies which will improve your life? Well, the lessons are positive and productive. All are useful and can be used daily. The book can form an excellent basis for working through a multitude of problems. It works well when the subsections become short meditations. Readers will make comparisons, and there will be closed-minded bores who’ll find something, not to their point of view.

We have to be circumspect when reading books of this genre: It is this reviewer’s opinion “Improve Your Life” has a great deal to offer. Helpful comparisons, plenty of anecdotes, the right number of quotes: Yes, the book is worth reading. Are there flaws? Every book has faults and “Improve Your Life” is no exception. However, the areas which conflict with my thoughts are personal viewpoints. Personal perspective has no place in a balanced review. The conclusion is the book is excellent value for money and fulfils its promise as a self-help or self-development product. It is full of motivational ideas, concise information and humour. Yes: it is a good book well worth owning, providing many exceptional ways to live a successful life.


“Improve Your Life” is well-formatted. The font size and word spacing are pleasing, making the print easy to read and comprehend. It is indeed a ‘dipper’ you can go anywhere within the pages and find a thread of inspiration which will take you to a wealth of wisdom. If ‘Post It’ notes, pencil, highlight pens are used to take possession of the book and it will become a useful self-help/inspirational reference point.

The Lincolnshire Well Being Show was Craig Collinson’s first event. He achieved a significant following in just two days. After talks, I ask members of the audience for opinions of content, quality and presentation. Craig’s performance seemed to tick the boxes with a large number of people.


You can listen to Craig’s talk recorded at Lincoln from this LINK. It is an excellent introduction to the man and his work. Craig will be attending the Newark Well Being Show where you can meet and talk to this most interesting man. Craig presence will enhance The Well Being Show’s purpose: Which is to help Visitors find wats to become a Well Being. Pleased you’re with us, Craig.

Craig will be attending the Newark Well Being Show where you can meet and talk to this most interesting man.

→Craig’s Website

Newark Well Being Show
14 + 15 September
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground

Download this talk here → LizianEvents iTunes Platform

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