Steven Blake – Being The Best You Can Be – Recorded Presentation – Anyone who listens to Steven’s impactful talks will walk away with wisdom which can be used for a lifetime. The sign of integrity is the ability to give and share without expectation. Steven Blake is a giver and sharer: he sets an example for all of us to follow.

During a Well Being Show Steven will help people to become pain-free using his OldPain2Go technique. And do you know? He doesn’t charge for the therapy. He’ll spend time talking to Visitors about their problems and issues: often giving support and professional advice. I cannot remember him not working with anyone who cannot afford his help. What more can be written about Steven’s integrity?

Steven has trained hundreds of people in the OldPain2Go technique; He has travelled to Australia and America teaching people the method. And there are many qualified practitioners here in the U.K. Talk to Steven about the training and course dates while attending The Well Being Show.

Steven’s recorded talk is a compelling presentation. He captivates the audience with thoughts and ideas about Being The Best You Can Be. Listen to the talk from this page or download it from the iTunes link below. Enjoy a superb forty minutes of ideas and suggestions to enhance your daily life.

Listen to The Talk – Being The Best You Can Be:

→Steven’s Website

Newark Well Being Show
14 + 15 September
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground

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