Community Member Paula North invited me to an Isagenix meet up at the Morley Hayes Country Club. I did not know what to expect, one certainty is there was a surprise waiting for me when walked into The Sacheveral Suite.

You’ll Know Paula and Nicola From The Well Being Shows

The room was full with around fifty attendees. The presentation lasted for around an hour and four people talked about their experience of using the Isagenix product. There was no hard sell or importance placed on the financial aspects of working with Isagenix. I was amongst a group of dedicated users of a well-established wellbeing product.

I listen to inspiring testimonials from three people who use Isagenix products and there is no doubting the claims made by those who gave the presentations. For example, John Bridges has lost eight stones in two years and looks the picture of health. And Nicola Volley who we know from the Well Being Shows gave a sparkling talk about the ways to use Isagenix.

Nicola Volley

The meet-up offers more than information about Isagenix. There is no doubting the togetherness of all who attend the event. And the breadth of people attending is amazing, everyone from hairdressers, holistic therapists, to doctors. There is a real atmosphere of friendship and mutual support. This is a well organised and enjoyable event.

Smiles All The Way

After the meet-up, I spoke to Paula about the evening and the Isagenix products. We were joined by the inspirational head of the group Heather Atkinson. While listening to the short interview you receive a real feel for the atmosphere of the event.


For details about the next event contact Paula here: →Contact Paula

Paula has written a contribution to this article: it is a comprehensive and detailed account of her love of the products, how they work and the story behind the success of Isagenix:

Paula Begins:
Here is the story of why NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING is SO important and why I love it so much:

1. It has the ability to remove deadly impurities in your body.

2. It helps clean your blood but also allows your body to purge impurities from your fat cells — where the dangerous ones are.

3. It is NOT a diet or just some protein shake; it is a complete health transformation program.

4. It fixes vitamin and mineral deficiencies by flooding the body with nutrition.

5. It makes up for what we are lacking. For one bowl of spinach 30 years ago — you would have to eat 43 bowls today to get the same nutrition. This is true for all our food.

6. It can address lifelong impurity build-up. By the age of 5, you have half the impurities that will be with you your entire life and many your body will never be able to remove.

7. Each shake is like sitting down and having 30 fruits and vegetables. Power-packed with over 242 different nutrients.


8. It actually promotes an alkaline diet in the most easy and convenient way possible. Achieving alkalinity through whole foods isn’t easy…or cheap.

9. There is not one shake company that even compares to the quality and nutrition of our cleanse.

10. Weight loss is a side effect IF your body needs it. Remember there is such a thing as “skinny fat.”  I was that person; not anymore!!!! 

Here is another bunch of fun facts!!! 

Some of the ingredients in Cleanse For Life, and their benefits.

ALOE: supports natural repair of digestive tract issues.

-cell regeneration
-helps for people with immune issues
-helps cholesterol level
-increases blood vessel stimulation
-soothes stomach irritation
-excellent for digestion


-diarrhetic (flush out bad inflammation)
-anti-edema, antiviral, antibacterial, helps with parasitic prevention
-reduces muscle spasms
-strengthens adrenal glands
-good for gums
-good for allergies


-supports cleansing of the blood and liver
-restores liver function, antioxidant
-controls cell mutation
-restores gull bladder function
-flushes out gout


-kidney cleanser
-helps colon, and liver function
-helps with anaemia
-binds with heavy metals and flushes them out of your body


-helps support the body to control yeast and parasites
-helps with AIDS symptoms


-Powerful adrenal support
-improves memory/stamina
-helps with radiation exposure


-contains important vitamins and minerals that are crucial to human health


-supports the natural function of spleen, liver, kidneys, and heart


-supports conversion of inorganic to organic minerals
-supports nutrient absorption


-may help to neutralize the pollution we breathe and deodorize the bowels


-may protect the body and digestive system from stress

can also use a fasting diet: And day two is when the real magic happens. I wouldn’t believe how effective the fast is until experienced. It is fascinating. 

Day Two ~ The Fasting State

The second stage of a Cleanse Day is called the fasting state. This stage begins at around 12 to 18 hours after your last meal and ends when you have been cleaning for over 48 hours. During the fasting state, your body is burning fat as your primary source of energy, although you still need a small amount of sugar to fuel your metabolism, too. Your body can store a limited amount of sugar in a form called glycogen, but this source is already running low by the time your body enters the fasting state.

One of the reasons why Cleanse Day support products are so important is that, among other nourishing ingredients, they contain a small amount of carbohydrate to provide steady nutrition to help fuel your metabolism, satisfy hunger, and reduce cravings. By supplying a targeted amount of carbohydrate as a modest amount of calories, the cleansing process is not disrupted.

Picture what is happening in your body during the fasting state of your Cleanse Day: Your body transitions from the postabsorptive state in stage one to the fasting state during stage two after using up the nutrients from your most recent meal. Your body is now burning through the fat to generate most of your energy. A sign of rapid fat breakdown is when the body starts to produce ketones for energy as a mild form of ketosis (note: ketosis should not be confused with ketoacidosis, which is a metabolic complication generally related to diabetes when ketone bodies are in dangerously high concentrations).

By consuming your regularly spaced servings of Cleanse for Life and other cleanse support products, you are providing your body with a steady source of nutrition while also keeping calories low.

There are some great health benefits to completing stage one of cleansing. However, entering stage two helps trigger many of the principal benefits of Cleanse Days. Your body spends the majority of the first day of cleansing and all of the second day of cleansing in this stage, so both a one-day and a two-day cleanse will trigger these benefits. It’s not necessary to do two days to generate these benefits.

Let me know, I’m telling you this is the best “system” on the market.  We literally eat whatever and drink whenever, unless in a deep cleanse.  It is honestly the best thing I have done for my family.

Here is the founder of Isagenix story:
Did you know that Isagenix exists because of a spider bite 20 years ago? 

The full story is below, so should anyone question the integrity or efficacy of the products let them read!! 

In the 1970’s John made extensive plant tissue studies in organic soil (his grandfather had an organic farm). It was then that he discovered ionic minerals. In 1980, he translated his knowledge to the nutritional field and launched a mineral product. From here, his career in nutritional products took off where he worked for more than 600 private label manufacturers, including GNC, Nature’s Sunshine, Met Rx, and produced more than 2300 products during his career. Because of his reputation and the high demand for his work, he was turning away more business than he was actually doing. He had become one of the top formulators of health and wellness supplements in the world, and one of the most successful, as well.

In 1997, John was bitten by a brown recluse spider. He had nine surgeries and was in the hospital for more than a month. The toxins became systemic by entering his bloodstream and circulating through his organs, damaging his kidney and eyesight. (He eventually received a kidney transplant by the donation of a kidney from his daughter, Kjersti Cote.) He was in and out of the hospital with a PICC line for a year, receiving antibiotics – the “big guns”. He was also going blind from the effects of the toxins. John traveled to India, Nepal, and other places looking for plants with certain properties. He found Shilajit in Nepal. He was specifically looking for the raw materials in India and Nepal to help his eyesight and eliminate the toxins from his organs. He was already retired and just wanted to heal himself and perhaps share his findings with his friends and family. Little did he know*

What makes this stuff work more than other products? Is there a “silver bullet” in these products – one raw material that would sweep the country? No. The silver bullet does not exist in one ingredient but in the system of ingredients. You have to cleanse the toxins out and restore micro-nutrients into the body. The “bullet” is in more than 200 ingredients synergistically blended. 90-95% of body functions are dependent on minerals and rare earth elements. Only 5-10% of the body is dependent on vitamins. Chromium, zinc, calcium, manganese, and rare earth elements were abundant 100 years ago and they are the first and foremost essential nutrients for the human body. Rare earth elements were present in our food 50-100 years ago. Now they are not. Back in the 70’s John had found micro-nutrients that could assimilate into the body. Ironically, he came full circle back to the beginning of his career where ionic trace minerals were a primary focus. As someone in the health industry for a long time, John realizes how confusing health and nutrition is. He knows people do their best, buying isolated products to feed their whole system. People would have to stock up more than 200 bottles of individual supplements to come close to supplying nutrition to the whole body, so they walk up and down the aisles, buying what they think they might need to supply the whole body. John’s goal was to create “Great Products Without Compromise.” His plan was to put together a few really good raw materials to get rid of unwanted toxins, boost the immune system, and put the body back in a state where it can function the way it’s supposed to. He wanted the body to be in a place where it is regaining health. We breathe toxic air, drink toxic water, and eat toxic food. The body is healing itself because it’s given the ability to cleanse itself and put its function back in the right place. Because of his findings, John founded a small company to share his discoveries and to help other people. He then contacted some old associates of his, Jim and Kathy Coover, who were known for their tremendous marketing successes during their career. It’s said that he contacted them four times before they actually met with him about his vision because they were also retired! He met with the Coovers on a Thursday afternoon to discuss his vision. They told him what was necessary to make it more functional in the marketplace. By Monday he came back with a whole system. He had taken 20 years of knowledge and concentrated it into 3-4 days of intense formulating. John decided early on that he would never sell Isagenix on a shelf because he realized it takes a personal approach to introduce people to the product. So he called in Jim and Kathy Coover because of his vision to create a company where people are helping other people.

Information about some of the Isagenix Products:

Nourish For Life:
Intended to rest the digestive system, decrease caloric intake and invoke a mild state of ketosis to move the body from a fat-storing to a fat-burning state, and put minerals along with micro & macronutrients back into the body during ketosis. * Thermo GX capsules to assist in burning fat * Snacks to stabilize blood sugar during the cleanse * IsaLean Shakes for stabilizing blood sugar while supplying the body with whole nutrients.

Initially, 10-12 people started with John in the very beginning of the system for a trial run. John dropped 22 pounds in 9 days and went from 100 units of insulin a day to NO units a day. He then shipped out the products to 242 people, where here the average weight loss was 15 pounds in 9 days. (***Diabetics need to use caution while on this program. Obviously, John had been a diabetic and was using insulin to control his blood sugars. Check blood sugars 9-12times a day. The worst thing to have happen is the blood sugar to drop too dramatically and end up in a diabetic coma. Insulin levels could drop dramatically. You really have to know what you’re doing or be under the supervision of someone who does.) ***Why do you use fructose? Why not stevia? John had diabetics in mind when he formulated Isagenix because he was one, and he made these products initially for his own health challenges. This program will not work without simple sugars and carbohydrates. It is a purposeful way of maintaining the conversion of fructose to glucose in order to feed the brain and maintain steady caloric intake. The fructose combination used in Isagenix is beets and molasses (blackstrap molasses in Ionix Supreme).

Ionix Supreme:
This is the formula John originally made for his own health issues. Shilajit comes from the Himalayas, where there are no bikes or any other kind of transportation or system to transport the plants. Skilled climbers climb up onto cliffs, collect the plant, and lower it down in baskets. It is the most highly concentrated and ancient source in the world. It is then sent to Bombay for processing. Ashwagandha is in the formula, acquired because its properties are specific t

Ashwagandha is in the formula, acquired because its properties are specific to eyesight function. After only two weeks, John began to see light in his blind eye and his eyesight began to improve. John recommends keeping young boys off of Ionix because of its aphrodisiac effects – maybe even, he suggests, until they’re married!

IsaLean Shakes:
The source of protein in the IsaLean shakes is pure, organic whey from Australia and New Zealand, where the cows are given no vaccines or steroids. This protein has more tryptophan and has a better, more pure, rich amino acid profile than any other source he could find. There are very disturbing reports today regarding the effects of hormones and stimulants that are given to our cattle. The shakes have been modified recently for several reasons. John is constantly working to improve products and give them more nutrition, more fibre was added, and he modified the original formula to meet some international requirements since Isagenix is now a strong international company.

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