As the Well Being Shows grow, they attract a greater variety of Community Members. The more expansive the stands and genre the more exciting The Well Being Shows become to Visitors: During the Newark Well Being Show, I had the privilege to meet and then interview an amazing lady and photographer – Sharon Mallinson.

Sharon Mallinson

I cannot overemphasise the uniqueness of Sharon’s work. Readers must not think her work is about voyeurism and or seedy images. The photography is superb. However, there is an aspect to Sharon’s work which can genuinely be called ‘life-changing’. The complete portfolios literally change the subject’s lives.

If you wish to give your day a real boost: Listen to the interview with this fantastic lady. No doubt in my mind, the three stories will inspire. Although there is sadness in one account, the outcome is both heart-rendering and gratifying. Enjoy the moment of pure inspiration.

Sharon Mallinson you are a Star:
Listen to the interview:

About Symply Boudoir Photography

Would you be interested in doing something that will make you feel empowered, confident and comfortable with who you are and what you look like? Something that will change the way you view yourself forever.  

How?  Through the extraordinary power of a Symply Boudoir experience.  Yes, I know – that doesn’t seem like something that would work does it?  

But somehow it does– with just a slouchy sweater (if the thought of sexy underwear is too terrifying!) and a little bit of pixie dust, you will be amazed at how powerful and positive this form of wellbeing is.

Women usually spend so much time on others we forget we need looking after too. We are usually full of self-doubt about our bodies – feeling we can never look as good as the images we are bombarded with on social media.    

This experience is a chance for you to have some precious ME time (remember that?)  You will have your hair and makeup professionally done, and then we focus on getting tasteful, classic, beautiful, and yes – sultry images so you can appreciate yourself and your body. You too can be just as beautiful as anyone you have ever seen on a magazine cover.

This is not a typical photoshoot – it is a life-enhancing opportunity where you will finally get to love the person you are – promise. 

Sharon xx

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