Charlotte is an amazing artist. The quality of her artwork cannot be disputed. And Charlotte also achieves the magical aspect of creativity: she expresses her inner-self with and through her creative work. She also has a fearless nature of expression. It is rare for a gifted artist to follow the true self when presented with the harsh reality of the art world’s commerce. Many, if not all art dealers insist their clients follow a fixed identity. As you will hear in the interview: this is not for Charlotte.

It seems to me that when an artist follows their heart and compromises for no one: Their work will be of the most singular nature. To own one of Charlotte’s studies not only means you possess a beautiful investment and work of art. You’ll also possess a symbol of free-spirit and the following of one’s purpose in life.

Charlotte Jane Kessler: Artist:
Listen to Interview:


For further information visit Charlotte’s informative website: Here you will learn about her technique, ethos and values: and of course where to see and buy her work:

→Charlotte’s Website

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