Many people enjoy attending Philip’s talks presented during the Well Being Shows: One way of realising the quality of Philip’s talks is not only the high attendance, but the number of people who come to the Well Being Shows specifically to listen to Philips presentations.

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Philip Underwood is a fascinating man with tens of years of experience in his field of expertise. Where are his skills and gifts focussed? Here is an excerpt from his website:

“What is it you want from life? Is it to be healthy, happy, contented, loved, valued and to experience peace of mind? Do you think there must be more to life than what is visible? Do you feel there’s some higher purpose, a reason for your existence? Do you find yourself searching for answers?

After forty years of searching for answers to these questions myself, I retreated from the commercial world and spent thousands of hours in deep meditative states. Since then I’ve been sharing what I discovered and experienced with people all over Europe”

During the July Philip gave two talks:

‘Coping With Anxiety’
‘Spiritual Evolution’

Both are brilliant presentations. Today you can listen to ‘Spiritual Evolution’. Philip offers diverse ways of considering one’s spiritual development. Around twenty minutes into the presentation Philip’s ‘Explanation of Belief’ is a gem of wisdom. Enjoy this magical talk:

You can download the talk from LizianEvents iTunes Platform

→Philip’s Website

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