Creativity Connected Show – Looking through our sites readers see an immense amount of creativity in the media format. Promotion is focussed on writing, photography, audio and video recording. There is a creative identity to our sites and shows. And we will continue to expand on the visual identity of the organisation.

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Numerous health professionals accept the incredible healing potential of art and creativity. So it was inevitable that The Well Being Shows would have a complimentary event. What could be better than a show dedicated to Connecting Creative People to each other?

There is, of course, a hurdle to overcome. It is the artists greatest problem – Finance: The shows have to be financed, we could not hope to hire the venue and put on a show without funding. We have two options: Start small and hope for the best, or work with a large venue and fill the building with fantastic people who will enjoy the exciting and new format. We are happy to invest in this venture and work to make it a success.

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Searching the internet, I discovered numerous art shows. I could not find an eclectic creative show: a show which encompasses art in its many guises: a show where creativity is connected. Think about a room full of people with a love of creativity. It does not matter if they are watercolour artist, producer of Zines or run a music recording studio. Every genre and style of artist is welcome. So far, everyone approached has expressed fantastic enthusiasm for ”Connectivity Connected”. An artists creativity could be centred on music or ceramics: the diversity is of no importance as their core value is the same. All artists reveal the inner-being through the conduit of creativity.

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The World needs creative people: the design of a computer: sky-scraper: or plastic clothes peg cannot happen without the creative mind. And we live in a magical world, where access to software, blog site, social media, make your work available to everyone. But for all of the global cyber-space connections, one to one connectivity is becoming rarer. A promotional video is a Creative Connection: Phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, are all used as creative tools. Paper, canvas oil and acrylic become paintings, and the work is sold on the internet. Creative people now use every available ‘cyber” method to promote their work. And for all of the fantastic internet connections: there is still a demand for one to one connections.

Somewhere in a Creativity Connected Show, there will be a creative person who can help Visitors with their work. Whether a workshop or stallholder’s answer, inspiration and knowhow will be discovered. You may be a teacher or lecturer who would like to advertise courses. Visitors will find out how to screenprint, write a song, play a tune on a guitar, use watercolour or oil, make a zine, publish an online-book, learn how to use their camera, or edit a video. I hope you are getting the picture?

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Already, trading businesses are asking for stand space. They range from suppliers of ‘artist’s materials, agents, publishers to software sales. Artists can hire a stall and promote and sell their work. There is no better feeling than selling a work of art. It could be Music: Paintings: Pottery: Zines: Self Published books: Artistic creation of any description will work at a Creativity Connected Show. We will consider any proposition, after-all these are shows for artists, so exhibitors are encouraged to offer suggestions about the format of the event.

Creativity Connected Shows will be children friendly. Children’s interaction with art should be encouraged. Art is recognised as a significant part of their future. Kids love painting, writing and playing instruments. Let’s see how far we can take this aspect of the event.

It is not difficult to imagine the interest generated in the Creativity Connected Show. There is a long way to go before we have a whole image of the layout, talks and workshop schedule. The venue and dates will be announced in December. So watch out for more announcements and articles relevant to The Creativity Connected Show

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