Creativity Connected Event’
18 + 19 July 2020
Lady Eastwood Centre

Newark Show Ground

Sponsorship – Thank You – For the Creativity Connected Show, we have approached business and entrepreneurs for sponsorship; this is the first time we have taken this approach. The reason is the idea has so much depth and breadth. And to some degree, the ethos of the show does not run with the flow of mainstream opinion.

For examples: we are encouraging an essential blend of artistic talent to the show. And the central focus is on unknown artists and creatives who see the immense long term potential of Creativity Connected.

The opportunity for artists and art-related business to stand in the early shows is more significant because we choose to keep the stand fees as fair as possible. The word opportunity is the right one: Creative people can exhibit their work, talk about their books and poetry, a painter or photographer can display and sell their work. The opportunities are immense, and we realise the long term potential for Creativity Connected has no boundaries.

Of course, there is a line between hiring the venue, producing promotional material and providing visitors with information about the exhibitors. If we are to give creatives opportunities to exhibit at a superb site and do so at a reasonable cost, one option is to look for sponsorship.

So a week ago we sent out the first batch of requests. Presently the response is as expected, many questions are being asked, and we have had a few ‘not interested’. It is fair to write; we did not have any expectations as this is a new avenue for us to explore.

On Friday, we received an email with a request to call an artist. In the email, she was clear of the need to speak about the show and our long term intentions. The conversation was in-depth and initially did not seem fruitful. There was a moment of trust when she asked Liz to email over a rough breakdown of our overheads. We choose to take this leap of faith and awaited a reply.

Around nine in the evening my phone rang, and it was the artist. She said she was prepared to make an offer of help. The main stipulation was she would remain anonymous: her reason is as an internationally recognised artist she did not want to open the floodgates of people asking for financial assistance. Here is her offer: and of course we have accepted:

She will sponsor the first fifty exhibitors by paying thirty-pounds of their stand fee. This means the first fifty exhibitors will only pay seventy pounds for their weekend space. We have to provide a copy of the booking form without personal details. Her offer is fair and to those who have already booked a brilliant opportunity. Her reasoning is the proposal will support artists and give them a chance to become part of a new and much-needed event.

To clarify the sponsorship. The first fifty exhibitors will pay Creativity Connected seventy pounds for their weekend’s space. When we offer proof of booking and payment, the sponsor will pay us the thirty-pounds balance per exhibitor when the offer is fully subscribed. Those of you who have already paid will receive your rebate when the sponsorship is paid.

The total sponsorship figure is, of course, one-thousand-five hundred pounds: and the pleasing aspect is it benefits the creative artists who will exhibit at Creativity Connected. Our benefactor sees this as a mutually beneficial way of helping artists without having us to explain where and how we have spent sponsorship.

There is nothing more to write but a thank-you to the wonderful lady who has helped fifty artists and creatives become part of Creativity Connected:

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